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False Flag Weekly News – Friday June 1

PSAs This special episode of FFWN features guest co-host Joel Skousen of 1) Support FFWN 2) Deep Truth: Visionaries Speak Out Live Video-Streamed Conference June 8-10 2018 3) Petition for Grand Jury Investigation Into the Crimes of 9/11 Live Video-Streamed Conference June 2, 2018 RFK assassination 50th anniversary June 5th 4) Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son RFK Jr. doesn’t believe it was Sirhan Sirhan. 5) Why the man who’s spent 50 years in jail for killing Bobby Kennedy COULDN’T have done it  Read more: 6) Kennedy brothers likely killed by CIA on behalf of…


Joel Skousen on prepping for the New World Order; Mujahid Kamran on “Terrorism and the United States of America”

Broadcast live Friday March 2, 8 to 10 pm Eastern at Revolution.Radio then archived HERE First hour: Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief is a noted current events commentator and New World Order analyst, as well as an expert on strategic relocation and prepping. (His uncle, Professor Cleon Skousen, was a pioneer of NWO studies, and is cited in Mujahid Kamran’s new article “Terrorism and the United States of America.”) Second hour: Speaking of which, let’s bring on Dr. Kamran himself to comment on that brilliant article—and on the pressures brought to bear on academicians who study and discuss such taboo…