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5th Annual 9/11 Physics Debate: And the winner is….David Chandler!

Watch the video HERE‘s Fifth Annual 9/11 Physics Debate, held every year on March 14 (Einstein’s birthday), once again was won by the contestant representing the pro-9/11-truth position: science teacher David Chandler of and coordinator of Scientists for 9/11 Truth. As always, the victory was by default. (During the five year history of the 9/11 Physics Debate, not one qualified scientist has stepped forward to defend the official story of what happened to the three World Trade Center skyscrapers.)

In this “debate” David Chandler explains in clear, straightforward language why we know that World Trade Center Building 7 and the Twin Towers (most obviously the North Tower) were destroyed in explosive controlled demolitions. The first two-thirds of the hour focuses on WTC-7 and the NIST cover-up, which David Chandler helped shred by forcing NIST to admit that, contrary to the initial report, WTC-7 comes down in absolute free-fall for roughly the first 2.5 seconds of its descent. That means all structural support was suddenly and completely removed, allowing the building to come straight down at the same speed as a brick falling through the air.

During the final third of the hour, David Chandler discusses the physics of the explosive destruction of the North Tower, which he famously exposed in his North Tower Exploding video and wrote about in the Journal of 9/11 Studies.

At the end of the debate, Rick Shaddock of awards David Chandler his prize in bitcoin.

David Chandler writes:

“Here are some links you might add into the description:

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Downward Acceleration of the North Tower

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WTC7: Nist Finally Admits Freefall


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