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“DC Dave” Martin on Thomas Merton’s suspicious death; Jeff Brown and Thomas Powell on US biowarfare crimes against Korea

Broadcast live 8 to 10 pm Eastern, http://Revolution.Radio  then archived HERE

 First hour: DC Dave Martin‘s new essay The Hot Potato of Thomas Merton’s Death suggests that one of the greatest religious thinkers of the 20th century was assassinated by…well, the term “usual suspects” is getting overused. David Martin is the co-author, along with Hugh Turley, of the new book The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation.

The most influential Catholic of the 20th century, Thomas Merton was becoming one of the world’s most powerful voices opposing nuclear weapons, and the Vietnam war (indeed all war), when he suddenly died in 1968 at age 53 while attending a conference in Thailand, supposedly “electricuted by a fan.”

Discussing an “anti-conspiracy-theory” individual, DC Dave writes: “Talk about ignorant!  One can be virtually certain that (SF) does not know that the official U.S. Embassy Report on the Death of an American Citizen repeated the official conclusion of the Thai investigative authorities that Merton died of ‘sudden heart failure’ and that that conclusion was reached in the absence of an autopsy, which was never conducted.  What SF no doubt believes about Merton’s death is that a faulty fan electrocuted Merton when he touched it, as he emerged wet from a shower.  The Thai authorities concluded, to the contrary, that Merton was already dead before he came into contact with the fan.”

Second hour: Jeff Brown and Thomas Powell join us to discuss US (and Japanese) use of bioweapons against Korea—still the subject of a massive coverup.

Jeff Brown writes:


The newly established American Bioweapons Truth Commission, with its Global Online Library is a history changing project. Or better said, it’s a history correcting endeavour that is speaking truth to power and demanding justice for all victims.

Please consider reposting the article below and/or taking a few minutes to put it on your social media. Horrific American (and Japanese) crimes against humanity before and during the Korean War have been relentlessly supressed in the West. Not anymore. We hope you will help inform your corner of the world. Many thanks,

Jeff Brown,


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