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Sami al-Arian on Tariq Ramadan; Rabia’s song for Gaza

Listen HERE.

First half hour: Dr. Sami al-Arian joins us to discuss the persecution of Tariq Ramadan, who has been imprisoned in France under circumstances that suggest a political witch hunt. For details, and how you can help, see the Free Tariq Ramadan website and FaceBook page.

Dr. Sami al-Arian was America’s most effective Muslim organizer-activist from the early 1990s until 9/11— after which he was brought up on absurdly bogus charges by more or less the same people who had attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. (The story of how Dr. al-Arian put George Bush in the White House and lived to regret it is told HERE.) After more than a decade of persecution in American courtrooms and prisons, he is now a free man living in the increasingly independent nation of Turkey.

Second half hour: Rabia sings with Abandon Control (the jazz band). She also operates Instrument of Love Healing Services  which “was created to heal, support and nourish through complete divine inspiration. We use all kinds of therapies that are appropriate for the present condition of the individual. And we take into consideration the physical, emotional and spiritual state of each individual. Therefore the remedies are specifically customized for each person…:

In this interview she introduces and plays the Abandon Control song “Not the End,” recorded during the July-August 2014 Israeli massacre of more than 2100 civilians in Gaza.

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