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Paul Craig Roberts on Trump-Russia

Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and Wall St. Journal Editor, has published an interesting analysis of what he calls “Mueller’s Comic Book Indictment.”…

According to Dr. Roberts, the Trump-Russia scandal was “trumped up” by Deep State militarists to pre-empt rapprochement with Russia and preserve military-industrial complex profits. But their efforts, he says, are failing; the Mueller indictments against a Russian clickbait factory are absurdly anticlimactic and feature nothing whatsoever indicating  election meddling by the Russian government, nor Trump administration complicity in any malfeasance.   Though I think Dr. Roberts may harbor an overly optimistic view of Trump, his pessimism about the Deep State’s encroachments on what’s left of American Constitutional democracy are hard to argue with.

3 Thoughts to “Paul Craig Roberts on Trump-Russia”

  1. Sedufia

    Can’t take this hypocrite seriously and his revisionism of being part of that senile old crusty conservative and Iran contra criminal-Reagan

  2. Kevin Barrett

    I don’t see any hypocrisy—what makes you think he isn’t sincere? PCR has been a bold voice of dissent for more than a decade. I don’t agree with him on everything. I think he takes far too rosy a view of Trump, and I think he’s wrong about the Russia thing, though maybe not as wrong as the MSM. (The real issue is Zionist crime oligarchs and Israel, not Putin-Russia.) But he’s a powerful, interesting voice who is far more on-target than anyone in the mainstream.

    1. James Williamson

      Exactly, Kevin. PCR is hardly an “old crusty conservative” these days. And he’s certainly not “senile.” He knows his stuff.

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