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Debating Ibrahim Soudy on Saudi Arabia vs. Iran: Which government better represents the Muslim Ummah?

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Frequent Truth Jihad Radio guest Ibrahim Soudywill argue in favor of the following proposition: “Resolved: The governments of Iran and Saudi Arabia equally pursue their own interests ahead of the interests of the Muslim Ummah – Hence, both are equally unrepresentative of Islam.” 

My take: At this moment, the whole Muslim world except Saudi Arabia is mobilizing to defend Jerusalem al-Quds from the Zionist Dajjal (Antichrist). Islamic Iran is and has always been in the forefront of nations supporting the Palestinian resistance; while Saudi Arabia, from the moment it was invented by the British Foreign Office, has been a closet friend (more accurately, “slave”) of the Zionists, propping up the Rothschild petrodollar and otherwise doing the bidding of the Empire. What’s more, during the past few weeks, the Saudis have surpassed themselves in mind-boggling treason to the Muslim Ummah: They have banned mentions of Jerusalem in Friday prayers,  and are even  trying to bribe the sold-out Palestinian Authority to surrender completely to Zionism. So this is a very strange historical moment to try to equate the world’s only genuinely independent Islamic government, the Islamic Republic of Iran – the only real friend Palestine has – with the treasonous Donmeh family of bandits that the British banksters installed to rule the Arabian peninsula on behalf of global Zionism.

How can Ibrahim possibly defend such a proposition?! Tune in and find out!

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