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Adrian Krieg on Invasions – are “they” out to destroy Western Civilization?

Broadcast here October 4th 11 to noon Eastern then archived. All my shows are archived at my Patreon page – please subscribe and keep this show going!

Adrian Krieg has written a book called Invasions: Their Documented Historical Relevance. He thinks mass immigration to the West is part of a plot to weaken the targeted nations, indeed to “destroy Western civilization and Christianity.” But he does not come off as a hater. On the contrary, he sounds reasonable and erudite. Dr. Krieg even takes a fairly balanced view of Islam – and unlike the run-of-the-mill ignorant bigots spouting off at Fox, Breitbart, and Infowars, he actually knows something about the subject. But as a conservative (Anglican) Christian, he has some serious disagreements with the folks in charge of today’s world.

In this interview we discuss: The history of usury, going all the way back to the Knights Templar; Adrian’s impressions of Arabs, Muslims, and Israelis; the differences between North American and Latino cultures; the question of whether the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group or an anti-hate group; and the corruption of the unconstitutional US census, which counts illegal immigrants as if they were voters.

We also engage in some spirited Anglican-meets-Muslim interfaith dialogue.

Memorable quotes from Adrian include:

“I don’t know to what degree Trump is controlled.”

“We’re not loaning you any more money for stupid wars. We’ve had it with this rubbish.”

“I can’t even describe how nasty these people were. They all tried to cheat me. The hotel tried to cheat me. Every time I went to a restaurant they tried to cheat me.”

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