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Ex-CIA Robert David Steele on Las Vegas false flag; Nick Kollerstrom Ph.D. on London false flags

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First half hour: Was the Las Vegas shooting a false flag? Ex-CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele of #UNRIG says “yes.” He hypothesizes that a US government drill (non-lethal) was hijacked by an Israel-linked element of organized crime and turned into a real mass shooting – a “hybrid” event. The purpose: (1) Ramp up the post-9/11 police state, and push through more mass surveillance and gun control; (2) Punish Trump for backing off the war on Syria; (3) Stage another human sacrifice on behalf of the ruling satanic cabal. For more details of Steele’s analysis, click HERE. (Note: you can watch this interview on youtube.)

Second half hour: Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D., is the author of Terror on the Tube: The London 7/7 Bombings. In this interview we discuss the recent spate of UK false flags in relation to the Las Vegas event.

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One Thought to “Ex-CIA Robert David Steele on Las Vegas false flag; Nick Kollerstrom Ph.D. on London false flags”

  1. Hi Kevin.
    I find this interview very informative.
    Are the Usual Suspects attacking 9/11 Truth, for their amusement, before the Next Big One is stage?

    Rgds, Harald


    There are 2 distinct elements in this false flag.
    Obviously it's a false flag with or without real victims.
    FIRST we have evidence of crisis actors on several occasions. This plays hand in hand with the notion that drills that were held prior or on the day are connected to these actors.
    SECONDLY there are now clearly victims that have not only died, but died from very powerful gunshots.
    (I believe the Criminals have had a strategy to CONTAIN the graphic footage).
    So mixing this into the narrative, where still the official narrative is the real victims being killed by the real "paddock", the script's target is meant to create confusion.
    An effective divide and conquer stategy has been executed with the following downfall :

    1. Disagreement within the Truth community, which easily translates to 9/11 Truth, if there are real or fake victims. (I have already been called an idiot for insisting on seeing real evidence on victims before I say anyone died).
    2. By leading observers, again 9/11 Truthers, into believing NO WOUNDED, they will be rediculed when REAL VICTIMS are later presented.
    3. Control. By moving the narrative around with ALL FAKE v REAL VICTIMS the Culprits want to show THEY control the WatchDog, us. The 9/11 Truthers.
    4. Confusion. By making observers run in circles, the time needed for cementing the Official Lie is obtained. This is maybe the most critical part of the Psyop since awareness today is quite staggering compared to pre-Boston. In other words the Criminals now OBVIOUSLY take AWARENESS into question during planning.
    5. Cover-up. The Criminals may find themselves on testing ground this time. How far did they go this time?
    It's really mindboggling with what confidence they did Las Vegas. And this confidence is founded on the ability to distract. Should LV unwrap, really unwrap, there will be a New Event, larger in scale and different, that will bring the attention of the unwitting away.
    What is the connection to 9/11 is a reasonable question.
    The Stage in front of what many regard as Occult Symbols is a sign.
    The Stage "91 Harvest" going live 10.1 is another.
    91 10 1 leads to 9.11.01

    In any case, look out of the window; what's brewing?

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