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Christopher Bollyn on The War on Terror; Barry Kissin responds

Most Recent Show: Barry Kissin responds to Christopher Bollyn
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New False Flag Weekly News:

UN inaction on Rohingya plight rooted in Islamophobia: Analyst
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Andrew Blair on transparency the open society and academic freedom
E. Michael Jones on “The Rise and Fall of the New Atheism” 
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Is our increasingly-automated society becoming SELF-SATIRIZING?!

North Korea, Chad, Venezuela added to Trump’s banned states
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Christopher Bollyn on “The War on Terror”: Graeme MacQueen on “9/11: The Pentagon’s B Movie” 
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Trump NOT Iran Deal is the “embarrassment”
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The Saker admits “Trump is worse than Bush” – and breaks down the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s war on the world 
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Trump – not Iran deal – is the “embarrassment”

 Why won’t the international community stop the Rohingya genocide?

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