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Barry Kissin responds to Christopher Bollyn; Rolf Lindgren says the media has lost credibility

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First hour: Barry Kissin, attorney and author of “The Truth About the Anthrax Attacks,” responds to Christopher Bollyn’s appearance on last week’s show – and discusses his new article Critique of Christopher Bollyn and his Influence Upon the Truth Movement.

Second hour: Truth Jihad Radio’s token Trump fan and favorite sparring partner Rolf Lindgren writes: “I will describe my recent visit to Las Vegas to watch world championship professional boxing, and discuss the latest on the NFL national anthem protests, Trump, and the watershed election victory of Roy Moore in Alabama. The mass media is losing its grip power.”

3 Thoughts to “Barry Kissin responds to Christopher Bollyn; Rolf Lindgren says the media has lost credibility”

  1. Anonymous

    I heard your video with Kissin & Lindgren the other day &, as is often the case, it was entertaining.

    In relation to Barry Kissin, I don't know if you ever had anyone on your programme before who was that much of an apologist/shill for the Zionist criminal cabal but he'd have to be right up there amongst them.

    Anyway, it was good to see how you didn't tolerate his nonsense & put him in his place.

    As for the Rolf Lindgren interview, whilst I'm not in his camp of Support-Trump-Despite-Overwhelming-Evidence-That-He's-A-Deep-State-Puppet, it is my belief that Rolf's views on Climate Change will be vindicated & yours won't.

    You did comment in that interview that : ' You believed in the arguments made by David Ray Griffin , even though you admittedly weren't fully up to speed on the science behind it ' , or words to that effect.

    You know Kevin, I've been following Paul Craig Roberts for some time & a while ago, in one of his interviews, he posed the following rhetorical question :

    ' Can you think of a SINGLE thing, just ONE thing (in relation to a major world issue in recent decades), where the mainstream media have told us the truth ? .

    You & I both know that Barack Obama is a Bought-And-Paid-For-Puppet of the Deep State, a man who, among other things, expanded upon Bush's TWO foreign wars & upped the ante to SEVEN wars of aggression.

    Does it not worry you that BOTH Obama & the ENTIRE Zionist owned & operated western media have , in UNISON, been issuing alarmist propaganda about catastrophic global warming for from day one ?

    Do you REALLY believe they've been warning us of the danger because of their incontrovertible ALTRUISM & compassion for humanity ?

    Has it occurred to you that there may be, just MAY be, a sinister agenda behind their prognostications of doom ?

    Kevin , I get it that you voted for Bernie Sanders (in the primaries) & Jill Stein (in the election) & that one of the major platforms for both is to take action to address so-called anthropogenic Climate Change.

    Has it occurred to you that Bernie & Jill are misguided (at best) or outright Controlled-Opposition-FRAUDS (at worst – like Noam Chomsky) ??

    Take Bernie for example. Cheated out of the nomination to run for President by the blatant vote rigging of the DNC, he nevertheless went on to endorse Hillary for President.

    This man has NO integrity.

    Cheated out of the nomination in the 2012 Primaries, did Ron Paul go on to endorse Mitt Romney.
    He did NOT.

    Did Ron Paul go on to endorse Insane McCain in 2008 after bowing out in the primaries.
    He did NOT.

    Although he didn't run in 2016, there was intense lobbying in the Republican party to get Ron Paul to endorse Trump for President.

    But he wouldn't be swayed. He did NOT.

    Ron Paul is the ONLY Congessman/Senator to consistently vote against foreign interventions & other spending bills involving escalation of foreign military misadventures / increased military spending etc.

    He did this WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

    Can you say that about Bernie ?

    Getting back to the Climate Change Hoax, I'd like you to seriously consider the following statement which I believe encapsulates the motives behind the Deep State on this issue (which I would very much have liked to have claimed authorship of but it is the work of another ) :

    Climate Change is a convenient platform for world money & world taxation.
    Don't think that Climate Change is unrelated to the international monetary system.
    Christine Lagarde almost never gives a speech on finance without mentioning Climate Change.

    The monetary elites know that climate change is their path to global financial control.

  2. Thank you for this feedback.

    Some of these issues are matters of perspective. Is Bernie an apparatchik who works within the system, therefore a sellout in certain respects? Yes, of course. But short of a new French Revolution or civilizational collapse we’re going to be governed by apparatchiks, and he would be a relatively decent one and would at least try to minimize suffering, etc.

    Likewise, climate change could be both real AND an excuse for NWO consolidation of global power. Maybe we will live long enough to find out.

  3. Anonymous

    In regard to the incoherence on your call to Barry Kissin, I think it might have been low-level background feedback caused by his not using a headphones mike. It would just echo back and forth as soon as you reestablished your connection, until you found it drowning out the voices. He might have solved the problem by rotating his laptop so it picked up less noise. Just a thought for next time.

    By the way, his was an interesting perspective on the lack of an Israeli connection to 9/11-anthrax, but not compelling. Personally, I'm more convinced in its being legitimate than I am otherwise. I think Bollyn is closer to the truth, even though he may make it sound as if our government leaders are total marionettes having their strings pulled. No, they are getting a lot out of the relationship too: money, prestige, not having their foibles revealed (aka blackmail), etc.

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