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Peter Myers solves the MH370 mystery; Greg Felton, who supported Trump against Hillary, celebrates Trump’s insanity

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Peter Myers
First hour: Peter Myers discusses MH370, which we now know was likely remote-hijacked and flown to Diego Garcia by way of the Maldives. Scroll down for maps and images referred to during this interview. Also check out Peter’s MH370 web page.

Second hour: Greg Felton on: Zionist Theatre of the Absurd presents a double-bill farce starring Donny and Bibi.

Indian Ocean and islands referred to in Peter Myers interview

Missing flight MH370 – a visual guide to the parts and debris found so far. Source:

Rodrigues & Reunion close to Diego Garcia

Map of Indian Ocean currents, with search arcs and debris finds. Source:

7 Thoughts to “Peter Myers solves the MH370 mystery; Greg Felton, who supported Trump against Hillary, celebrates Trump’s insanity”

  1. It's nice to see that brother Greg is back, despite the disagreements on the last podcast with him (about 'God').

    That said, I think I am ready now to prove scientifically to Greg that 'God' exists. So much so he will soon be levitating like a hot-air balloon or a Saint or a Saint in a hot-air balloon. Duh !!.

  2. Anonymous

    Dr. Bare It:

    A little fact known only to me:
    Trump is the renecense of George Wallace.

    In the campaign of 1968, he appeared in the presidential campaign lobbing verbal hand grenades about law and order, and how LBJ was "pussyfootin' " on Vietnam. He stood for state's rights and keeping the dark people out of the national scene. "Segregation today, segregation tomorra, segregation for ever!" was his catch phrase.

    One can only guess if Trump's boast about grabbing a pussy was his way of pussyfootin'. If so, he would have to grab the pussy with his feet. Can you visualize that?

    If he had been elected, Wallace would have ushered in a similarly dark era of deportations, lynchings, and witch burnings. The people would have lit fires in the street, overturned police cars, and in other ways expressed their disapproval of a hatemongering, redfaced racist demagogue who claimed to represent the ordinary people but basically just hated nigras. And we would have wised up about this faction of antipersonel pimps long before they could do any serious damage. Alas, that did not happen, and it's just our lousy luck.

    Have the box cars arrived in Lone Rock to transport your family to the East? If not, I'll contact the SS and arrange a special train just for you. You don't need to bathe before your trip, as you will be given showers upon your arrival. Please indicate what type of lampshade you would like to be.

    D. Endlosung

  3. Dear D.,
    Thank you for your thoughtful missive.
    Speaking of Wallace, did you know that Nixon's CREEPs (among whom was Trump's dirty trickster Roger Stone) orchestrated the near-assassination of George Wallace in 1972 to get Wallace out of the race? The reason, was that Wallace was taking "disaffected factory worker" votes away from McGovern, the man the CREEPs had chosen as the easiest candidate to beat, and therefore the one they made sure won the Democratic nomination. Gore Vidal alludes to Nixon's CREEPS, including Howard Hunt, being behind the Wallace shooting in his article on Hunt and the JFK assassination:

  4. Kevin

    Great show tonight with Peter Myers on MH370. Can you put up on your YouTube page the full interview segment with Peter Myers on MH370 for free? I think the entire public and MH370 community needs to listen to this program.


    Here is link to my theory:


  5. I'll try to get a colleague to help make it into a youtube.

  6. Mr Sayonara7777: I welcome your attempt to prove ”god" exists so even though such an effort would be circular and self-defeating.

  7. OK brother Greg. I will then wait for you – insha'Allah – to recover your capacity to be amazed. A 'capacity to be amazed' that is right now buried and suffocating, probably under the heavy weight of past betrayals, unacknowledged bitterness, hustle and bustle of daily life…etc (I am speculating of course).

    I read somewhere that you used to be a christian at some point earlier in your life; even a devout christian. If that is the case, former Christians who suddenly wake up and feel they have been spiritually abused, and who then turn to atheism as a silly attempt to heal the trauma, is an all too common story.

    Do not throw the baby with the bath water, for when there is a design, there must be a Designer.

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