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Andre Vltchek on real world vs. “world of progressive liberals”

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Andre Vltchek, roving global correspondent for Truth Jihad Radio,  and author of the revolutionary novel Aurora, checks in from Bangkok, where he just arrived after another depressing tour of Indonesia. Check out his new RT article:

Welcome to Sumatra, Indonesia: an environmental genocide in the making

In this show we discuss various global issues: Andre tells us the mainstream media are lying about Philippine President Duterte, ignoring the Indonesian ecocide by Western multinational corporations, covering up the West’s manufacture of “radical Islamic terrorism,” and generally missing the real story of what’s happening in the world. As for the Western liberal/progressives who get their information from mainstream and pseudo-alternative sources, Andre has choice words for them in his new Counterpunch article:

“Outside World” According to Western Liberals

2 Thoughts to “Andre Vltchek on real world vs. “world of progressive liberals””

  1. Andre's article : "Outside World", According to Western Liberals. , is Awe and Some. One can feel genuine passion in it, not the fake passion of those clogging the so-called "Alternative" media. What he wrote, applies to Hypocrites in general – no matter what flag they insist on waving under everybody's nose – not only to 'Western Liberals' in particular.

    One such hypocrite that immediately comes to mind, would be 'Chris Hedges' : (Jon Gold talks to Chris Hedges)

    Andre : "No true change could ever be ‘legal’."

    Exactly. Once you start arguing your case in the court system of your oppresors, you are implicitly acknowledging their authority and legitimacy over you. You are aligning your energy with their oppressive energy. You are left with nothing but to start hoping that the oppressors will change their mind and stop pressing their boots against your neck, the neck of your loved ones and everybody's neck around you. Good luck with that !!.

    Andre : "They have no ideology, and no beliefs. Their passions are shallow and short-lived. Their world is surreal. It kills; their world murders all higher aspirations, it chokes dreams, it gags revolutionary shouts and blocks any courageous action!".

    Indeed. Fake/shallow anything is far worse than the absence of it (fake love, fake caring, fake emotions, fake militancy, fake piety…etc).

    Andre : "They admire science, partially because they absolutely don’t understand it, but mainly because it symbolizes some sort of opposite to the most beautiful and most powerful human instincts (which they lost many years ago)."

    Absolutely. IMH understanding, those powerful human instincts are referred to collectively as 'Fitra' in Islam. Those instincts encompasse the ability to be AMAZED by the signs of Allah all around us, encompasse the innate desire to be free and not abused, encompasse the need to give love and receive love…etc. In short, to live in Harmony with where Allah put us temporarily (ie : planet earth).

    Ordinary people – turned zombies – see the tiny class of oppressors as mighty powerful. In fact they are the more insecure, the most worried and the most coward class of the human race, and so is everyone joining them to do their dirty work.

    Ordinary people are as much in love with living crawling on their knees – rather than risking dying on their feet – as the oppressors are in love with destroying and inflicting pain, stress and anxiety on the Creation of Allah. That is the root issue nowadays.

    Quran [004:075] : "And what is wrong with you that you do not engage in combat for the sake of  Allah, and for those weak, ill-treated and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is : "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help."

    I heard the bible states that when it rains, it rains on the just and the unjust. May Allah have mercy on us on these rainy days.

    May Andre leave his door open, for Allah to enter it.

    DISCLAIMER : I did not write all that above. My mother-in-law did.

  2. Andre mentioned Fidel and courage. A must-watch documentary : 'Fidel. The Untold Story.'

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