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Stop hating on the Muslim Brotherhood! plus, engineer Tony Szamboti explodes official 9/11 myth

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First hour: Robert Rowe was scheduled to discuss his article “Are Americans justified in their persecution of Islam? An Analysis.” But he didn’t show up. So I found the one thing in his article I disagreed with, and explained why. Here is the relevant passage from the beginning of Rowe’s article:

Are Americans Justified in their Persecution of Islam?  An Analysis

By Robert Rowe

There is a lot of criticism, especially from conservative Christians, against those who adamantly refuse to condemn all of Islam and its adherents for the actions of those in the minority who abuse the tenets of Islam to justify committing acts of terror or other atrocities in its name.  Those critics claim that refusing to do so is failing to recognize that Islam is evil or intends to take over the world or some other such idea.  These claims are usually followed up by quoting various passages in the     Koran out of context to justify their hatred. 
Mohamed Morsi, 9/11 truther and only democratically-elected leader in Egypt’s history
    Refusing to condemn all of Islam for the actions of a few radical groups does not necessarily make one blind to the fact that there are concerted efforts by groups like the Islamic Brotherhood (a.k.a. Muslim Brotherhood) to usurp the Constitution and force America to accept Islam as the “civilization alternative.”  After all, there is well documented proof (Google:  An Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group [The Islamic Brotherhood] In North America) that replacing all other religions in America in favor of Islam is the goal of the IB.  It simply means that one is unwilling to blanket all Muslims with the title terrorist.

     American intelligence agencies have known of the IB’s agenda at least since the 1980’s.  As yet, the IB has been unsuccessful in their attempts and will likely continue to be unsuccessful in their attempts for the foreseeable future.  But, the IB, like ISIS, is a fringe group.  They are an organization operating outside the mainstream tenets of Islam.  A cultural takeover of America is not the goal of all Muslims.   Indeed, according to many Muslims, like Aya, a refugee who fled first from Iraq and then Syria, Muslim refugees who want to come to America are tired of fleeing war and just want to live in peace… (will post the full essay when we reschedule this interview! -KB)

Second hour: Tony Szamboti returns to Truth Jihad Radio!

On June 19, 2016, Tony Szamboti, a mechanical engineer who has studied the World Trade Center collapses intensively for the past ten years, sent the following open letter to Northwestern civil engineering Professor Zdeněk Bažant. Dr. Bažant is the author of four articles in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics that purport to explain why the lower sections of the WTC Twin Towers provided no discernible resistance to the falling upper sections.

Read the letter

2 Thoughts to “Stop hating on the Muslim Brotherhood! plus, engineer Tony Szamboti explodes official 9/11 myth”

  1. Anonymous

    to be honest, I am sick to death of people always talking about the Turkish Military defending the legacy of Ataturk who was viewed as a God by the stupid Turks and in fact it is a criminal offence to say anything against him, criticise or condemn him in anyway- a taboo subject that cannot be openly discussed otherwise you end up being JAILED. just like that other TABOO, the Holohoax
    What is ironic here in both cases is the FACT that Ataturk, aka Mustafa Kemal, was A JEW, a Shabaath SVI Donmeh Jew who secretly practised his Masonic Jewish Faith whilst pretending to be a Muslim, as he slowly but surely wanted to destroy Islam in Turkey and replace it with Secularism which he did do in part, removing the ARABIC/Islamic Alphabet and replacing it with European/English Lettering. ATATURK HATED ISLAM. and he was a member of the JEWISH YOUNG TURKS who took over Turkey around WW1, infiltrating the Turkish Military which today is FULL of DONMEH Jews

    As for Erdogan, he turned out to be a snake in the grass just like the those other Jews, the Saudi Wahabis. That scene he did at DAVOS a few years back which fooled so many Muslims and Arabs, where he criticised Peres and Israel was JUST ALL political Theatre to dupe us all. It was said/reported that after he left the meeting, he PHONED PERES and asked him if what he thought of his 'performance'
    Erdogan is a corrupt EVIL, GREEDY, power hungry SCUMBAG who thinks he is some God's gift to Turkey, their new PASHA/SULTAN and his son and daughter are just like him, his daughter NURSING those ISRAELI trained ISIS/DAESH Terrorists at a hospital she worked in. Erdogan is COMPLICIT in the UNFORGIVABLE HOLOCAUST of SYRIA, along with that other Phony Turk, the Jew Davitoglu. Erdogan purports to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, MB Ikhwan el Muslimeen] which sadly is another Muslim Group hijacked and infiltrated by the West and is not the Group the Egyptian Bannah originally set up with British help to counter the influence of growing Nationalism re Nasser] which the WEST could not allow so they allowed the rise of Islamic Groups like the SHITTY JEWISH Wahabis, the MB and even Hamas. the MB in SYRIA are a REAL NASTY PIECE of work prepared to allow many deaths to achieve their VERSION of an 'Islamic Caliphate. Egypt's M.B. Morsi allowed himself to be USED by Israel and the USA and he was rewarded by being imprisoned by the Moroccan JEW AL SISI whose family members all have close links with Mossad, IOF and Israel]

    Since the time of Ataturk, Turkey has degenerated nd is led by secret Jews, which is WHY Turkey, supposedly a 'Muslim' country, became a NATO MEMBER, to be used by the ruling Jews in EU/USA/UK as a strategic Military BASE. The Racist Europeans more than happy to use 'MUSLIM' SECULAR Turkey as a MILITARY stronghold/Base but no prepared to allow Turkey into EU Membership due to majority of its people being MUSLIMS despite being ruled by damn JEWS
    'the military. The group behind the coup called themselves the “Peace at Home Council,” a phrase coined by the founder of the country, Kemal Ataturk.'

    The PURGING of all his OPPONENTS along with Journalists, Judges etc shows what a VENGEFUL EVIL man he truly is

  2. Anonymous

    Oh and btw, that other 'Jewish' Turk posing as a 'SUFI Muslim' Fethulla Gulen is as BAD and as Evil. Both Assetts of the CIA. CIA helped Erdogan out of jail. Gulen works with the CIA which is why he is given free rein in the USA- Philadelphia??} where is allowed to run THEIR CIA APPROVED 'ISLAMIC' Sufi schools. Erdogan and Gulen were Buddies at one time till they had a massive fall out and became RIVALS.
    If I was a Syrian, I would never forgive Erdogan for what he has done to Syria. He also maybe implicated in the MURDER of Lebanese PRESS TV journalist Serena Shim or at least Turks/Intelligence Military ARE] because SHE BRAVELY DISCOVERED Turksi complicity with ISIS/DAESH/AL NUSRAE, with all their camps and their THEFT of SYRIAN OIL form SYRIAN OILFIELDS taken by trucks into Turkey and sold to Israel and Europe by Erdogan's SON.
    So really him surviving the Coup makes no difference to the shitty evil reputation Turkey now has especially as Erdogan BETRAYED the 9 Turks MURDERED by ISRAEL on the MAVI MARMARA under the ORDERS of Erdogan's FREIND SATANYAHU. And HE does NOT give a SHIT about GAZA and Palestine at all- his association is only with the Muslim brotherhood HAMAS who foolishly support him and shower him with praises for helping Gaza which is a load of Bullshit.
    I don't share the love and trust Muslims have for the Brotherhood of which Erdogan and Morsi are members and which was supported by the Wahabis who then turned against the Egyptian branch and allowed Sisi to persecute their members. There is nothing wrong with the Islamic Concept of the MB but their methods and leadership are dubious and not benevolent, despite some of the good Social work they have achieved.
    Erdogan is as bad and treacherous/Treasonous as many of those KURDISH TRIBES who have Collaborated with Israel for decades, like the Iraqi Barzani Kurdish Tribe who received military training and Arms from Israel and who I blame for many of the Terrorist attacks against Iraqi Arabs Sunni and Shia].
    Don't forget also, the ASHKENAZI KHAZARIAN JEWS are from the Turkic/Kurdish Tribal regions and neighbouring regions that were part of Khazaria

    And TURKEY, contrary to what is always said, is NOT a true democracy just like ILLUSORY democracy that is supposed to exist in the USA/UK and Israel!! COUPS are never a good thing, don't get me wrong and for some reason beyond my understanding, the dumb Turks went out into the streets to oppose the coup and even KILLED soldiers for Erdogan!! What madness is this?? They are So damn FICKLE- I did not see The People out on the streets when those 9 Turks were murdered by Israel?? They stupidly kill their own soldiers but did nothing against Israelis. In fact many of the soldiers brutally attacked by Erdogan supporters were innocent, believing they were taking part in an EXERCISE [same TACTIC ISRAEL always uses for ALL its FALSE FLAGS- DRILLS on 9/11, 07/07 etc..]
    No the Turks are STUPID and FICKLE just like the DUMB EGYPTIANS so indoctrinated by their now Zionist controlled Media, willing to accept the LIES against Palestinians in Gaza. Turks to accept the LIES against SYRIA!! SHAME ON THEM and they all make me sick!!

    Again, just my 5 DINARS worth

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