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We’ve been having really, really ROTHSCHILD weather here in the Midwest. I just don’t know of any other way to describe it. So it’s a good time to invite James Perloff, author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, to discuss his recent article “Are the Rothschild Elite Banking on the Weather?

It’s bad enough that the Rothschilds have bought up the planet’s entire weather report industry. But now it looks like they’re buying the weather, too! If they can control both the way weather is reported, AND the weather itself, they’ll be in a position to make trillions on agricultural futures…control elections…determine the outcome of wars…the possibilities are endless!

We also discuss recent false flags, including those covered in my forthcoming book Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories; the failed coup in Turkey and its geostrategic implications; the chemtrails coverup; election fraud; the Zionist connections of Donald Trump versus the Zionist connections of Hillary Clinton; and more.


  1. Anonymous

    I was active in the Ron Paul campaign. In the crucial NH primary, we all knew from the amount of yard signs that if the weather had been the slightest bit rainy, cold or snowy Ron Paul would win because he had an army of extremely enthusiastic volunteers there ready to take anyone worried about the weather to the polls. Can you imagine in NH in January (or was it February?) the day was sunny and I think it got to 60 degrees in the afternoon? People were out in their shirt sleeves you would think it was May….
    Another tale of possible weather modification – Perhaps you were there in NYC for the 5th anniversary of 9/11 and a ferocious thunderstorm hit us protesters as soon as the funeral services had finished.

  2. Yes, I survived the 5th anniversary storm.

    At least the thunderhead clouds that day were neither pyroclastic nor radioactive.

  3. Anonymous

    Well I heard that show, and my take on his weather conspiracies is I know that they use to seed the clouds around Utah years ago to try and get more moisture, and I think it cost more than what they got out of the moisture, and I know that there has been a lot of testing, and I'm sure it works some what, but to blame a storm getting bigger or smaller or sooner or latter is a stretch, I can always remember that the weather man would miss a lot. I use to get Dr Nick on with his book "Angels don't play this Haarp" a lot, and one of things he checked into was Chemtrails, and he didn't find any evidence for them, Now I've lost so called conspiracy friends, that won't talk to me any more, because of my take on them, I go back a long time on contrails, I took classes in the boyscouts back in the day (that was a long time ago) and they would tell us in class that a contrail would bellow up in cloud like formations or disappear in seconds depending on the moisture in the air, like when a low front is coming, Now if the chemtrail sniffers say the statement contrails with disappear in seconds and a chemtrail will bellow up in clouds that go all over or something like that, they are lying to you.

  4. Judy Wood makes important points about the hurricane that approached New York on the days leading up to 911. As I understand it, the hurricane's energy was used as an energy source to power directed energy to "dustify" the Twin Towers. The use of free directed energy as a weapon is something the military are most definitely using but most of our folks aren't following it and don't get it.

    I just attended a conference here in Greece with free directed energy as the uber-theme as it involves/involved Wilhelm Reich, 9/11 and extraterrestials. Andrew Johnson, Peter Robbins and Richard Dolan were speakers. every illuminating sessions

    I urge your listeners to give this topic more attention because the military intelligence totally are doing so. What do they know that we do not?

  5. I would love to see Judy Wood on to hear more about free direct energy and its connection with 9/11. I listened to an interview with her and it was fascinating. But anyone who dismisses HAARP will not be able to go down this path. You have to be open to the Tesla technologies.

    Richard Dolan would also be good to speak about free direct energy from an ET perspective.

    I think there's something there and it would be closedminded to dismiss it out of hand.

  6. Anonymous

    There was a huge rainstorm on the day of the Brexit vote, which suppressed the older, "Leave" vote. Several British commentators (e.g. Tony Gosling) have voiced suspicions that the pro-EU Elite were involved.

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