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Brian Wright asks Kevin Barrett about Islam

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Author and libertarian activist Brian Wright is curious about Islam. He understands that the Islamophobia industry has influenced, maybe even brainwashed, Americans – including more than a few of his fellow liberty activists, and even some 9/11 truthers. But what’s the reality beneath the hype?
     Since I, Kevin Barrett, used to teach Islamic Studies at the University of Wisconsin and Edgewood College of Madison – before the politicians decided my research on 9/11 was unacceptable (without bothering to look at it or argue against it) – I would be a reasonable choice to try to sum up Islam 101 in an hour. In a university setting, it takes 16 weeks and requires you to read six or seven books. So here you (and Brian Wright) are getting the short, easy version.
     In this interview I tiptoe between two perspectives: The Religious Studies perspective that I used to teach in universities, and my own personal perspective as a convert to Islam since 1993. So in this interview you’ll hear a slightly different and more personal take on Islam than the students in my classes heard. (Since I’m not being paid to do it any more, you’re just going to have to take what you can get!)

2 Thoughts to “Brian Wright asks Kevin Barrett about Islam”

  1. Anonymous

    This was excellent. Thanks, Kevin.

  2. Me too, I acquired skills to reply (R) to people's concerns (C) when they ask me about islam . Below is a sample of my standard replies :

    C : "You mozlems, you beat your wife."
    R : "The wise Arabic proverb says : 'Every morning beat your wife. If you don't know why : SHE DOES'."

    C : "You mozlems, you stone women."
    R : "Don't worry, after the first thrown stone makes her dizzy enough, she won't feel a thing. It is very merciful."

    C : "You mozlems, your holly book tells you to kill infidels."
    R : "So what ?. Too many white people anyway !."

    C : "You mozlem men can have 4 wives. Why can't a woman have 4 husbands ?."
    R : "Go to plumbing school. You will understand."

    Am I doing something wrong ?.

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