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4 Thoughts to ““Kevin Barrett exposes the recent flurry of false flags””

  1. Anonymous

    You mention Noam Chomsky as being one of the Left's Gatekeepers. I have noticed this phenomenon for years, with many otherwise great sources of truth. I'm sure others have also. Can you explain what is the motivation for such "Pillars" to otherwise turn on the truth? Is it money, threat, intellectual blind spots? What?

  2. Watch my Left Forum presentation on Chomsky – it's the second half of this youtube:

  3. Great presentation brother Kevin and great host who seems genuinely interested in broadening his horizon and understandings. I like it when a muslim is put on the spot, he doesn't try to chase approval and acceptance, instead he just tells it as it is.

    Maybe when you talk about the concept of Caliphate, you will do well adding a footnote stating that there is indeed a minor issue of Obscurantism affecting some not-so-bright Muslims and the enemies of Humanity tend to magnify that issue to the world in order to divide conquer rob and enslave. It would be like focusing on the guests of Jerry Springer TV show and telling the world that's how Americans are.

    A while ago I happened to catch an interview of Bernard Lewis on C-span. After he said a whole bunch of positive things about Islam and the early Islamic societies, the interviewer sincerely asked : "then what happened to all that ?." Bernard Lewis replied : "They came in contact with western Europeans through colonialism, that's how they lost their track."

  4. Anonymous

    That link is not a YT link.

    Can you post a link to the article that was quoted, the one Gordon Duff disagreed with.

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