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Targeted Individuals (TI’s): Did the New York Times do them justice?

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The New York Times headline “The United States of Paranoia” would have been perfect for a story about the “war on terror.” After all, you are more than ten times more likely to drown in your bathtub or be struck by lightning than to be killed by a terrorist of any kind. And “radical Muslim” terrorists (and/or Zionists dressed up as them) only commit 6% of terrorist attacks, while radical Jews, leftists, and Hispanics commit far more. And yet, crazy, paranoid Americans worry endlessly about that statistically nonexistent threat called “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Seth Farber

Unfortunately, the New York Times won’t tell the truth about that…or much of anything else. The Times article on TIs implies that MK Ultra, Project Monarch, Project Artichoke, Project Bluebird and allied programs no longer exist, so the people being victimized by them must be crazy.

How can a serious newspaper report on this issue without discussing the long, undisputed record of the CIA, US military and allied agencies’ history of messing with people’s minds?

Today we’ll talk with dissident psychologist Seth Farber and several TIs, including Todd Giffen. Dr. Farber is convinced that many of these people are in fact being experimented on by today’s version of MK-Ultra, which is technologically light-years ahead of what they were doing with drugs and hypnosis back in the 1950s.

8 Thoughts to “Targeted Individuals (TI’s): Did the New York Times do them justice?”

  1. Anonymous

    Jews control Psychiatry which they dominate and have done since the Nazi era when many often Scientists working with the Nazis on the Eugenics programmes were all transferred to California by Heinz Kissinger.

    In the 1950s, experiments were covertly carried out on Prisoners, especially Black People/ethnic minorities throughout the USA and the UK. I think this sort of thing was used on Sirhan Sirhan who lost all recollection, along with John Lennon's killer, triggered it is claimed by seeing a copy of catcher on the Rye??

    Chemtrails spaying all kinds of unknown chemicals on the public like they did here in the UK in the 1960s and the chemicals they added to wheat in parts of France [saw a recent documentary on Press TV about these mind control experiments

    Also experimentation of drugs/mind control on Soldiers [Gulf war syndrome etc]

    Plus the horrors Israel and USA/UK inflicting on Muslims at Gitmo, Diego Garcia and other secret torture camps where the prisoners are used as unwilling guinea pigs for mind control and latest torture techniques that test a human being's pain threshold and mind responses

    Psychotropic Drugs that they used at Gitmo etc are also being given to those many so called 'Muslims' enlisting with DAESH/ISIS etc

    ISRAEL is number one for testing such heinous experiments on Palestinians and Arabs [ Lebanese, and used by Bahrain's Al Khalifa on Bahrainis]

    NO righteous Muslim in his RIGHT MIND would ever commit such horrific acts of terror and violence upon fellow Muslims, let alone Human beings, unless they were under the heavy influence of something else that took control of their independent thought processes and emotions.

    I don't indulge in any of these meditation tapes- don't trust them at all. Don't trust JEWISH trained Psychiatrists/Therapists. Most of books written on these topics are written by Jews.

    Very frightening stuff. Couple of years ago in the USA, the Government shills declared Conspiracy theorists must be classified as Mentally ill as did that Zionist Jew in Obama's Government whose name escapes me

    These TI's are sadly not just in the USA- it has spread to the ARAB Islamic world. Dangerous Military technology invented by Jewish Scientists. What better weapon than one that targets a Human being MENTALLY and Physically turning them from an innocent Victim to an unwitting Aggressor/Killer their brains are being fried by the real Abusers/Torturers- Military Intelligence.

    And SHAME on ALL these Medical Staff who knowingly participate in this Mental Torture, breaking their medical Hippocratic Oath

    I first read about these terrible experiments in 2001 and in one of David Icke's book

  2. While Jews may be overrepresented in psychiatry, as in so many fields, they may also be over-represented in anti-psychiatry. Seth Farber comes from a Jewish background, and is a leading truth-teller and exposer of the psychiatric and psychological quacks. I think it's a huge mistake to imagine Jews are all on the same page, working for the same ends. And while I agree that Jewish tribalism (like all tribalism only more so) is evil and destructive, people from Jewish backgrounds are just as likely to be honorable and decent as people from other backgrounds. It's only a minority of tribalist extremists, in the Jewish community as in other communities, that creates the problems. As the evil deeds of the Zionists come to light, thanks to the internet, I expect that more and more Jewish people will be joining those who, like Gilad Atzmon, Henry Herskovitz, Seth Farber, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Paul Eisen and so many others, are saying "not in my name" and exposing hidden truths.

  3. Anonymous

    It is true that Jews are at the forefront of torture, mind control, banking, etc. etc., etc., ; but they are also at the forefront of the ACLU, Innocence Project, Occupy this and that, etc., etc., etc.,

    There is a simple and overlooked reason for this. They are the first intellectuals in the new world. Without the Jews, there would be no intellectuals, professors, lawyers, doctors, etc. in America. The rednecks are too busy watching the Indy 500. The Latinos are too busy picking peas, the Negros are too busy rapping, dreaming of the NBA and dressing up like gangstas.

    When you say Jews are behind this or that, you are right. They are the only ones with the brains and drive in this country. They are the mover and shakers on all sides and fields, not just the "Negative ones". If it were not for the Jews, we would still be riding horses and curing each other with leeches.

  4. Hmmm…I'm glad to see some of my listeners can be as prejudiced against Goys as others are against Jews ; – ) Anyway, this comment exaggerates. The 19th century American Renaissance featured few if any prominent Jews. Jewish over-representation in various career pursuits here in the US began in the 20th century, and was probably largely due to nepotism and "colonizing" the various "neighborhoods." There are plenty of anti-intellectual and grossly non-intellectual Jews out there too, many of them very rich and just as vulgar as the goyish rednecks. Bottom line: anti-goy prejudice distorts reality just as much as anti-Jew prejudice does.

  5. Thank you Kevin. Extremely important clarification. What you eloquently wrote should be obvious, but people have been so thoroughly programmed to dismiss anything that sounds even vaguely anti-Semitic that we're at a point where we really do have to spell it out. I'd say most people would assume the above writer was speaking about all jews.

    I'm helping to organize bringing Christopher Bollyn to NYC to speak, and had to deal with one very progressive venue pulling out because of their perception that Bollyn did not sufficiently differentiate between jews and zionists. That Bollyn referred to "jews" too much, sounding like a John Bircher.

    So yes, Kevin, you are right in what you wrote. But's also frustrating that one can't speak about how predominate jews are in banking, media, culture, law, medicine, high-level government positions, and other powerful fields. I really wish we could see statistics of percent of leadership/ownership by ethnicity (and not fold jews into the white category).

  6. A companion piece to the NYT TI article is another article that probably helped fuel the writing of the United States of Paranoia article, and that is "The Baton Rouge Gunman and ‘Targeted Individuals’" article.

    The Gavin Long TI article quotes an extremely revealing source: SITE!!

    Yes, *that* SITE. Rita Katz's SITE.

    OK, call me a conspiracy theorist but I find it beyond coincidental that the paper of record has made a link between SITE and a false flag with a fairly obviously mind controlled "gunman".

  7. oh, yeah, in the above writer's list, let's not forget Sidney Gottlieb.

  8. Anonymous

    All this hollaring in your interview this that it's "illegal". It's
    not "illegal", its 100% legal. Save the lawyer and the private
    investigator fees. Electronic Harrassment is LEGAL, otherwise the FBI and others wouldn't be doing it.
    It is specifically ALLOWED as LEGAL as spelled out in USC Title 50 Chapter 32 Section 1520a.
    "ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT PURPOSE". It is done under the guise of surveillance. Post 9/11 you can
    be a subject of surveillance for any reason at any time. No suspicious behavior or warrants necessary.
    Since it is legal, no one has or will ever win a "lawsuit" saying it is illegal. Is it "unconsititional"? I dunno,
    ask Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

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