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Zaid Hamid: “I spent four months in a Saudi political prison”

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Zaid Hamid, a leading Pakistani Defense analyst, journalist and television commentator, helped prevent Pakistan from joining Saudi Arabia’s quagmire war on Yemen. How? By simply telling the truth: that this war was a grave mistake on the part of the Saudis and anyone stupid enough to join them. Then one year ago (June 2015) he traveled to Mecca to perform Umruh, the lesser pilgrimage…and the Saudi authorities were waiting for him at the airport. Arrested, locked in a political prison with no legal process whatsoever, facing the daily possibility of arbitrary beheading, Zaid survived until, through what can only be termed a miracle, he was released in October. (Most of the 40,000 or so political prisoners and “disappeared” people in Saudi Arabia aren’t so lucky.)

In this interview we discuss Zaid’s experience in the Saudi dungeon; the impending fall of the House of Saud; the New World Order’s 4th generation warfare destabilization campaigns against such governments as Syria, Libya, Iraq, Venezuela, and Pakistan; the NWO’s use of ISIS, al-Qaeda and the so-called “Pakistani Taliban” as proxy mercenary armies; and much more.

Zaid Hamid is one of 26 expert contributors to Another French False Flag: Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino, essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the global false flag epidemic –whose latest manifestation in Orlando I just wrote about in “Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Yet Another False Flag?

Visit the book’s website or buy it on Amazon

3 Thoughts to “Zaid Hamid: “I spent four months in a Saudi political prison””

  1. Anonymous

    911 is so clearly a false flag attack in every still sentient human in the Republic and in much of the world and the perpetrator is so well known in the Boycott of Israel movement that the trauma spell of that event both by time’s arrow and the corrosion from beneath of the colossal lie via Truth, that Zion… HAD to do something.

    AND to complete the psychic terror effect, it announced it was about to do just that several years ago in the EU, openly.

    How’s that for a monster in your face?

    The message to the dolts:

    “Go text and watch porn and smoke some legalized weed and watch a movie,” but don’t look at the monster!

    Reasons: on the Internet that Zion took action:

    1. Details of 911 that pointed at Zion/NWO.

    2. Holocaust as thought control, no evidence of gas chambers etc. and the vitiation of what has become literally a Sacred lie part of a new Talmudic liturgy.

    3. Clear evidence that the Ashkenazi are not related genetically to ancient Jews (threat to their hold on Zionist (end of days) “Christians.”

    4. The mass murder of 65 million largely Christians in Russia post 1917 “Revolution” by the acts and the will of re-immigrated from America and Europe, Talmudic Jews channeling that document’s supremacist poisons through its sectarian workout, “Marxism.”

    5. The real story of the FED/IRS and the City in London.

    6. Drug washing in the trillions and control of drug gangs internationally, by all of the elite in the West.

    7. And that Zion’s religious myths, are historically, Bull Shit.

    Etc. Etc.

  2. Anonymous

    (continued from above)

    The outcome of 911, that is, the events from the close of the Cold War/WTC ’93 first bombing, which was the real inaugural of Zion’s “War of Terror,” whose agenda is clearly the destruction of all countries around Israel targeting specifically Pakistan the only Islamic country that has nuclear weapons… to this day and very likely including the slaughter in America of largely homosexual men in Florida, has been an effort to focus American power as a Gollum and use it to suppress all of the world’s decent and resistance to a world state headed by Zion.

    This is accomplished by 3 means primarily:

    One, violent false flags/wars, drug gangs and drug washing, two, media mind control and attack on dissenting voices by any means including death as example and three, economic control as we saw in 2008 but this has two sides, one is the massive incentives… specifically the support of the War on Terror by post 911 Private Security Contractors… who supposedly number in the hundreds of thousands(!!) now and other whores in DC “military industrial complex et al.) and too in the EU via the magic money from central banks but secondly too, the disincentive… of 2008’s economic collapse, a massive scheme that terrorize America and also forced massive debt burden on Corporations to take them over and… on sovereign countries to channel them over time, into the NWO schema.

    The outline of a none Jewish entity not only the usual political, military and intelligence faces, but another none Jewish power is clearly there too but they stay in the background not being as sick with narcissism’s insecurities.

    The attack on Gay men in FL focuses a massively angry, psychologically projecting well organized segment of our country, politically a dangerous minority whose psychic meaning to themselves was culled into a kind of psychological stomata complex during the AIDs mainstreaming of their sadomasochistic tinged culture. Only today it will be to put them into the army of the anti gun movement and to try to bring them too into the anti Muslim movement.

    Trump's run… too is at issue: does it play into Trumps hands or attack him? Is he Zionism candidate or he last vestiges of while male patriot to the Constitution anger? Sadly the former is more likely.

    The point is the issue of keeping the America white male in the crosshairs. When the “Left,” of America became the NWO openly or at least subtly, bombings/mass murder for political outcomes in America became possible. The “Left” was always a Talmudic mind controlled entity at its core and still is but its real heart is Christian or rather human charity and love.

    This, attack in FL is a new 911, only a slower moving event.

    Both Jews and “Gentiles,” have to be deeply involved for it to work. The only thing we can do is state the truth Kevin.

    Use any of these ideas but not my name please. I know that you know, most of this of course but it helps to read it from someone else sometimes.

    My own motivation is like yours, a love of humanity and the process, be it God or something that our minds can not define… that brought forth life and consciousness on all of its levels and this atavistic deceit via violence is anathama to that great project of knowing… that has welled up in the Universe and… we must oppose it.

    magna est veritas et praevalebit

  3. Kevin, re your opening remarks about the Orlando HomoHoax: Iranian PressTV presenter starts off here asking the same bullshit "framing the debate" question we've come to expect any Western Dinjooz' Media propagandist would ask. Guest responds with truth bomb. PressTV presenter ignores truth bomb and asks the same question again. /facepalm

    6 mins

    Looking forward to FFWN's coverage of the sloppy Orlando HomoHoax.

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