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Gordon Duff exposes “Free Energy Child Sex Ring,” Art Olivier reveals start date for WWIII

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First 90 minutes: Fearless Palestinian blogger Maisoon Rice and former mayor of Bellflower CA and Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Art Olivier discuss the possibility that World War III will break out sooner rather than later, with satanic Zionist freemasons pulling the trigger on humanity and “culling the herd.”

Art Olivier, producer of the 9/11 truth Hollywood-style thriller Operation Terror, has just made a new youtube:

WWIII starts on 11/26/2016, the Peril of 1000 Suns 

Does Art really think he knows the start date for World War III? Is he out of his mind? Tune in and find out!

Final 30 minutes: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, recently published a doozy of an article:

Free Energy Child Sex Ring Cracked But Not Broken

It begins:

“When an obscure Belgian named Dirk Laureyssens introduced guru/hacker Sterling Allan, to Mehran Keshe, little did they know the shit storm it would cause, including bringing about the death of a Supreme Court justice…”

Gordon will also discuss the collapse of ISIS in Raqqa and its attempt to re-establish a capital at Aleppo.

One Thought to “Gordon Duff exposes “Free Energy Child Sex Ring,” Art Olivier reveals start date for WWIII”

  1. Anonymous

    In your recent show with Olivier and Rice, you suggested that a "mass culling" event would be of no strategic benefit to the ruling elite. However, that would only apply in a conventional scenario with one side actually trying to "win" against the other.

    Suppose that an agreement has already been made among the ruling elites of every power bloc that the peasants really are a "cancer on the earth" (per Club of Rome, Georgia guidestones, etc) that must be destroyed in order to "save the planet" — for themselves.

    In this scenario, the "war" would be a scripted performace in which the target mega-cities would be obliterated using nukes and bio-weapons, without causing widespread environmental damage. This would clear the way for high-tech "sustainable devlopment" schemes — without all those useless eaters to support.

    Georgia guidestones monument near Atlanta


    As an example of long-range planning, consider author H.G. Wells, a well-connected associate of the Huxleys, early member of the Fabian Society, etc. He predicted what he called an "atomic bomb" comprised of "artificial elements" some 30 years before it was actually developed. He also predicted the rise of a socialist world government, using an international "air police" to maintain order, and coined the term "new world order" to describe it. Are we there yet?

    Atomic bomb in predicted in "The World Set Free", 1914 (start of WW One)

    Air police predicted in "The Shape of Things to Come", 1933 (rise of Hitler and FDR)

    See also:

    "The Open Conspiracy: Blueprints for a World Revolution", 1928

    "The New World Order", 1939 (start of WW Two)

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