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Rafiq discusses “GAJ” (God-Allah-Jehovah)

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Rafiq, author of Days of Shock, Days of Wonder spent a few years believing (more or less) the official story of 9/11. (I did too, for that matter.)

During those years, it seemed that religious extremists – as opposed to Machievellian neocon atheists orchestrating false flags pinned on religious extremists – were the problem. Rafiq started thinking deeply about religion, and the flawed (or at least incomplete) conceptions of God/Allah/Jehovah that seemed responsible for so many of the world’s problems. The result was GAJ: The End of Religion, a concise work of religious philosophy that argues for a pantheistic and immanent, rather than strictly monotheistic and transcendent, conception of the divine. (Me, I’m a fairly orthodox Muslim and thus even more “pantheistic” than Rafiq in that my best answer is “all of the above.”)

Rafiq argues that quantum physics, especially non-locality, shows that the universe(s) is One, pervaded with consciousness, and that thus God/GAJ is everywhere. This Reality can be encountered directly through mystical practice, synchronicities, or sheer luck.

As a religious studies scholar (involuntarily retired and forced into politics) my expert opinion is that GAJ is far more worthy of your attention than most of what passes for religious studies these days. I may not entirely agree with Rafiq’s perspective, as the listener will discover, but I appreciate his important and well-wrought contribution to the discussion of the biggest of Big Questions.

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