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Pulse night club had 8 exits – “50 dead, 50 injured, 1 shooter” doesn’t add up

We’re told that Omar Mateen – a lowly security guard with no paramilitary training – murdered 50 people and injured more than 50 more.

He is said to have done so not with an actual assault rifle, but a mere semi-automatic. He would have had to stop to reload, at which point he would be vulnerable to someone taking him down.

The Pulse nightclub has exits everywhere you look…eight of them altogether.

Former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele, who has firsthand false flag experience, says it would take a team of at least three highly-trained paramilitary shooters to do so much damage, and that the dead-to-wounded ratio is highly improbable:

“If there are 50 dead, then I believe there were 3 shooters as some witnesses report — in close combat the dead to wounded ratio tends toward 1:6; in Orlando they are claiming 1:1. I don’t believe it.”

For more information on the Orlando false flag (including running updates) see my article:

Orlando Nightclub Shooting Another False Flag?

2 Thoughts to “Pulse night club had 8 exits – “50 dead, 50 injured, 1 shooter” doesn’t add up”

  1. Anonymous

    The function of this crime is to prevent humans connect all on the same curative musical frequency which is that of Pink Floyd.
    American Zionists French and broader European governments have sacrificed the lives of homosexuals because the person who asks humans to hear only the music of Pink Floyd thinks and says that male homosexuality is mostly caused by mental deviance, it is a disease.
    So the attack in this gay bar named album of a concert of Live Pink Floyd "Pulse" is meant only to say symbolically against the defense system proposed by the applicant for mankind to unite under the same music.
    La fonction de ce crime est d'empêcher que les humains se connectent tous sur la même fréquence musicale curative qui est celle de Pink Floyd.
    les gouvernements américains français sionistes et plus largement européens ont sacrifié la vie d'homosexuels parce que la personne qui demande aux humains d'écouter uniquement la musique Pink Floyd pense et affirme que l'homosexualité masculine est en grande majorité causée par une déviance mentale,c'est une maladie.
    Donc l'attentat dans ce bar homosexuel qui porte le nom de l'album d'un concert Live de Pink Floyd " Pulse "a pour unique but de contre dire symboliquement le système de défense proposé par par celui qui demande à l'humanité de s'unir sous la même musique.

  2. Anonymous

    "Pulse night club had 8 exits"

    I wouldn't count on that too much : homosexuals' peculiarity is to confuse Exit door and Entrance door. Just sayin…

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