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3 Thoughts to “Orlando shooting analyzed on False Flag Weekly News!”

  1. Anonymous

    you mentioned in the False Flag Weekly report with tony at the 14:10 spot + or minus that GHW Bush remembers thousands or workers wives birthdays…..

    but does not remember where he was at or what he was doing on November 22, 1963…..!!!!! W!!! T!!! FUDGE

    He is a royal piece of stinky fecal matter……

    just an observation that you should bring up again some time…..cause was creating a loyal following …to remember the birthdays of wives…..and call his underlings and send his Birthday wishes (BULLSHIT) to their wives…..

    really the scum of the earth those Bushes….et al…..

    nice piece..with Tony on this weeks show False Flag Weekly News report…….and thank you for your prompt followup in regards to one's membership here on the soil.

    have a blessed day.

    may your travels be sacred and safe.

    be well.

    salaam Alaikum ….

  2. Anonymous

    Fetzer has strong brainless islamophobia. Even histerical level, he likes blood, he is ugly in your program. Not right he takes the statement of an "agent provocateur". Put Fetzer outside your program is my advice.

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