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FFWN: Was Osama a “conspiracy theorist”?

Historical perspectives
1) Malcolm X’s birthday – did they kill him…AND his grandson? – 

More Osama Bin Laden “revelations”

3) Osama bin Laden read THE NEW PEARL HARBOR

4) Osama had a pretty good reading list: DNI

5) What The Guardian did not tell you about Jim’s interview on Osama 
6) Kevin’s interpretation: What if Hersh is partly right?

Dzhokhar’s impending martyrdom
8) Wayne Madsen: Dzhokar’s trial judge tied to US intel
Middle East madness

9) Israelis think they are “the center of the world”
10) Defying US, Iranian warships escort cargo vessel toward Yemen
11) Key Iraqi City Falls to ISIS as Last of Security Forces Flee

12) Islamic State seizes ancient Palmyra city from Syrian forces
13) Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990
16)  Changes in Saudi Arabia designed to contain Iran’s regional influence  
17) Headhunting: Saudi Arabia hiring 8 new executioners after 2015 beheadings hit 85
More crazies with nukes
19) Trident whistleblower: nuclear ‘disaster waiting to happen’
War on Russia

22) Bulgaria sends troops to Macedonia in possible set up for an invasion
23) Macedonia, the New U.S.-Russia Battlefield (a new coup like Ukraine in the making)
Tyranny in America
24) Trans-Pacific Partnership raises disturbing questions for US citizens
25) UN puts spotlight on US human rights record
26) Rand Paul pulls 10 1/2-hour talk-a-thon on Senate floor over NSA spy program 

27) Kerry wants international controls on internet…/kerry-internet-needs-rules-be-able- flourish-and-work-properly_949526.html

Jade Helm

28) Colorado massive military convoy–Something very unusual is about to happen

29) Sinister detainee transport vehicle near Houston

30) Jade Helm and the “Shemitah”: Religious extremists spread paranoid propaganda

31) The Real Deal with Jeff Rense and Robert O’Dowd on JADE HELM

Collapse of Western Civilization

32) Texas biker shooting blamed on “Hell’s ISIS”

35) US Army transvestites march in red high-heels

8 Thoughts to “FFWN: Was Osama a “conspiracy theorist”?”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    It's easy to understand why they put together that particular Osama Bin Laden book list – to discredit them, the ideas they contain and everyone else who encourages such narratives! The Osama Bin Laden myth is alive and well – they're still using him as a boogeyman, like Hitler!

    Enjoying your work as always .


    K from Dublin

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder if the charade was a deal made with Cheney. Bush et al left the stage set for Obama to look good when he wanted and in exchange Obama agreed not to turn anyone over to the Hague for trial.


  3. I see a divorce brewing between you and Fetzer.

    Unfortunately, it is over Duff, for goodness sakes. Why?!?

  4. But "discrediting" a book by calling attention to it like this is counterproductive. I wish they had "discredited" me by claiming Osama was a huge fan of Truth Jihad and Questioning the War on Terror!

  5. Duff has made VT into as good as alternative outlet as any and better than most. Fetzer has made FFWN the best weekly news show on the planet. So I'll work with both. But I'm tired of hearing them bickering. Jim has lashed out at Gordon plenty of times on this show, and Gordon got back a few licks on my radio show. Enough of that, let's move on.

  6. "Saudi Arabia hiring 8 new executioners after 2015 beheadings hit 85."

    Where does one get an application to fill out ?. My mother-in-law is very interested; she does not enjoy her current job.

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah, they're not the brightest sparks are they! Think how many more people started listening to you after Hollande's criticism (compliment).

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