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Michael Brenner on Bin Laden; Ole Dammegard breaks new info on Operation 40

Broadcast May 20th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on
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Dr. Michael Brenner

First 30 minutes: Conclusion of Monday’s interview with International Affairs professor Michael Brenner. In this segment, Dr. Brenner cites a “former very senior” intelligence source supporting the Seymour Hersh version of the alleged killing of Bin Laden in May 2011…which would mean that just about everything we’ve been told about the subject by the government and the media is a lie. (Then again, why we should believe Hersh’s sources or any other current or former officials of a pathologically mendacious government?)

Second 30 minutes: Ole Dammegard breaks new ground on Operation 40, the CIA-linked assassination ring responsible for a vast, bloody trail of serial murders of heads of state and high-level officials. In this episode, Ole exposes new information about Operation 40’s murder of Portugese officials circa 1980.

2 Thoughts to “Michael Brenner on Bin Laden; Ole Dammegard breaks new info on Operation 40”

  1. Portuguese Listener

    The above link is a signed confession of the man who was contracted to build a bomb for the purpose but which was apparently not used – a much more powerful bomb was used instead – José Esteves. Possible fall guy in case of botched operation.(?) He claims Carlucci and Sturgis were present at the airport with CIA men and vans from US embassy and that Sturgis used a remote control to detonate the real bomb placed in the plane. Esteves was unaware that the PM Sá Carneiro was also on the aircraft.

  2. Anonymous

    The blog post linked to below contains the written confession (in Portuguese) of the man, a Portuguese working for the CIA, who was contracted to place the explosive device. The two politicians in question were not at first glance big CIA targets for ideological reasons, they were right-of-centre and pro-NATO, but the mafioso world of arms trafficking has its own rules.

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