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No complete breakdown between US and Israel yet: Kevin Barrett

“And there’s really no political faction [that can oppose them], with the possible exception of if people in the US military and intelligence community ever got completely fed up with the Zionists and perhaps felt that there was an existential threat to the US…and their (the Zionists’) assets were going to blow up more buildings in America, like they did on 9/11, or they were going to nuke the American cities, God forbid…then we might see an anti-Zionist pro-Constitution coup d’etat in which the Zionist agents once and for all would be weeded out of positions of power here in the United States.”

One Thought to “No complete breakdown between US and Israel yet: Kevin Barrett”

  1. Something tells me that any perceived "breakdown" between the Master (Israel) and her minion (America) is Kabuki Theater directed to counter the fact that people are starting to understand the nature of the relationship (and how we are ruled by their every directive).

    Obama will never bite the Jew hand that feeds him. I doubt that any politician will.

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