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‘MH370: 9/11-style false flag gone awry?’

Read the corrected transcript of my debate with Congressional Defense Policy Advisor and anti-conspiracy flack Frederick Peterson on Press TV: 

Watch the debate:

6 Thoughts to “‘MH370: 9/11-style false flag gone awry?’”

  1. Anonymous

    Who believes a story like that? First there was nothing from the plane. Then engine data. Then no engine data. Then “pings” from the engines. Then, 17 days after the disappearance, the pings can be used to TRACK the plane.

    Track it to someplace where it can be found?

    Well, no, track it to the least-traveled spot on Earth. Track it to deep ocean with mountains underneath. Track it to storms and winds and waves.

    March 8 it disappears, and it cannot be traced until March 25, and you BELIEVE that?

    The contradictory reports of evidence are something we’ve seen before. It makes it hard to debunk a lie, when the lie keeps changing.

    We saw it in the Abbottabad raid— the White House and the CIA saying different things on the same day, several different versions of what happened and what the evidence is or isn’t.

    Diego Garcia is the most likely stopping point — or refueling stop.

    Why did Israel IMMEDIATELY suggest Iranian terrorism, Muslim terrorism, and try to sell that story to China and the West?

    And why would Israel acquire a 777 and park it in Tel Aviv ? It’s identical to the Malaysian one.

    The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal did find Israel guilty of genocide last year.

    If the scheme – and there certainly was one– has been aborted, there WILL be “floating wreckage” found in the ocean— and you’ll be invited to choose from a menu of
    lame stories about how the plane got there.

  2. Anonymous

    The article by Yoichi Shimatsu not only vanished off, but it also vanished off of!

    It was a headline article on's home page a few days ago, but can now no longer be found on the home page at all. Not only that, but when you go to the Yoichi Shimatsu's section on at you don't even see the article listed! I wonder what in the world is going on! I was sure hoping you could give a clue. I guess I will try to contact Shimatsu.

    Now, instead of the Yoichi Shimatsu airline story on we find the following story which I think is one which is obfuscating, if not largely hiding, so much of what the Shimatsu article had to say:
    Flt 370 CIA, Malaysian Govt Coverup – Landed At Diego? which links over to the article found here: http://

    Here is a nice little youtube clip on the discovery of the identical airliner in Israel which perhaps you have had a chance to see already:
    BUSTED! Israel Caught Housing Flight 370 'Twin … – YouTube

  3. Rense originally published the Shimatsu article. VT picked it up. Then Rense asked VT to take it down, and VT complied. I have no idea why Rense took it down.

  4. Anonymous

    I enjoyed your recent article , as titled above. Rather than postulating a FAILED False Flag…., is there the possibility that it has been a SUCCESSFUL False Flag, at least so far ?? The latest report from CNN regarding Malaysian Government comments is that they are " treating the controlled turn as a criminal act". Suppose the controlled turn is a smokescreen to direct attention to the pilots or a suspected third party aboard( the Malaysians may in fact believe in what they are saying ), and is it possible that technology exists which allows TAKEOVER of the airplane from the ground (I assume you may have military contacts who might provide insight into current capabilities ) , and the plane was flown and landed at the massive British – American naval facility at Diego Garcia(sp??)in the Indian Ocean ?? This implies that all on board were either eliminated during the flight, perhaps by gas or decompression, or in the alternative, the Passengers are held incommunicado on the island, to be disposed of at some point. No idea what the purpose of stealing a plane might be – loading it up with a bomb of some sort is always a possibility. Are either of you aware if the technology to take control of an airplane from the ground, or perhaps from the air exists ?? If it does , perhaps then the smooth flight pattern of the aircraft on radar makes sense – it does not have to be a deliberate act by either pilot. I realize I am suggesting the deliberate murder, in all likelihood, of 240 people , but given that 3000 were sacrificed on 9/11 , then to those who would contemplate such a plan, 240 people represent relatively minimal "" collateral damage. "" If this is a big "PLOT" , I assume the U.S. Navy is out of the loop, because there are Navy assets committed, and certainly the Australians are out of the loop, because they appear to be the primary "water carriers" involved in the search , and their effort will only intensify. Suppose the Inmarsat satellite data has been deliberately compromised in some way ?? If bodies of Inmarsat employees start appearing, or disappearing, then one would suspect something is fishy with the British company; ie.,they are in on the scam. Obviously from the above conjecture , I have read too many articles at Veterans Today.

  5. Regarding remote hijack capabilities, check out:
    You Can’t Handle The Truth! Boeing’s Secret Patent
    Or listen to my interview with Gordon Duff:

  6. Anonymous

    If an identical plane is truly being stored in Tel Aviv, the consequences of a false flag attack and an ensuing world war would be catastrophic.

    Keep studying this and conferring with others, as you have been doing, and alert people through your articles and interviews.

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