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Rumy Hasan on “Islamism vs. Zionism”

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Guest: Rumy Hasan, author of the groundbreaking new book Dangerous Liasons: The Clash Between Islamism and Zionism. A Senior Lecturer at SPRU, University of Sussex (UK), Rumy Hasan argues that the Zionist colonization of Palestine has provoked an Islamist reaction that in some ways mirrors the Zionism it seeks to combat. In this interview we discuss this “elephant in the living room” thesis, argue a bit over whether “Islamism” is inherently problematic, and have a cordial exchange about 9/11 which suggests that Rumy Hasan is not a true believer in the Official Conspiracy Theory.

One Thought to “Rumy Hasan on “Islamism vs. Zionism””

  1. The world problem today is basically caused by a clash of cultures. Wrstern Secularism/Capitalism n Islamism. One based on individualism, greed n world domination agaisnt one on sharing, harmonious living, moderation, soceital , humane n humanity. The diametrically opposed cultures would n could never meet. One is entirely world-centric, whilst the other is world and after-world centric. Balanced. One believed entirely on logic things seen (seeing is believing), the other believed both in the seen n the unseen. These differences could never be reconciled. Worst if forrce is used. These had already been warned by the great book of the Muslims, the Al-Qur'an in surah Al-baqarah,, verse 120 , verse 51 of Surah Al-Maidah n related verses thereto over 1400 years ago by Allah the Almighty.

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