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David Griffin Jr. “saw it was a demolition project” two days after 9/11

David Ray Griffin, the “dean of 9/11 studies,” has published twelve books exposing the official Big Lie of 9/11. He is the leading scholarly authority on the most important historical event of the 21st century.

But another David Griffin apparently figured out 9/11 before the famous one did.

A Business Journal news story reports:

The morning of Sept. 13, 2001, David Griffin Jr. drove up to New York City. No one was flying then — not in the days after the World Trade Center terrorist attack. “Some people were donating blood, some people were donating money for water. The more I looked at it, I saw it was a demolition project,” David Jr. says.


This David Jr. guy figured it out so quick thanks to “a lifetime of knowledge about the demolition and cleanup of massive projects.”

I emailed David Ray Griffin to let him know that another David Griffin had figured it out first.

David’s response:


Obviously much smarter than this one,


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  1. Anonymous

    Is this story just a weird coincidence, or is it some kind of psy-op?

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