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Elias Davidsson on his new book “Hijacking America’s mind on 9/11”

Fri.  5/17/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Elias Davidsson has just published a new book, “Hijacking America’s mind on 9/11.”

Elias writes:

“Four features distinguish this book from other 9/11 critical studies:

– The definite (or ultimate) demonstration that there is no evidence of Muslim hijackers
– Evidence that at least two of the four aircraft were still airborne after the alleged crash time
– The most exacting and comprehensive analysis of the phone calls said to have been made from the aircraft
– The presentation of a theory regarding the nature of the phone calls”

Human rights expert and activist Elias Davidsson grew up in Occupied Palestine, after his parents had fled Nazi-occupied Europe. Like Gilad Atzmon (who will be performing in Madison, WI next Tuesday evening) Elias recognized the injustice of Zionism and its “Jewish state,” left Palestine for good, and returned to Europe. He currently lives in Germany.

Second hour: Gordon Duff joins us with his latest Intel Drop. Some talking points:

*Since all of us in the independent media are permanently wiretapped, why shouldn’t the war criminals and false-flag murderers of the Lame Stream Media get the same treatment?

*Sending the IRS to harass Zionist mobsters Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers and their bought-and-paid-for “tea party” is terribly, terribly wrong. A drone strike, or better yet a lynch mob, would be more like it.

*We have “conclusive evidence” that Syria was hit with a nuclear weapon on May 4th…presumably by Israel.

*False-flag terror is rearing its ugly head not just in the US…but even more extensively in Nigeria.

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