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Michael Collins Piper, Chris Rodda on TJ radio today

Wed.  5/15/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Michael Collins Piper is one of the best-known voices in American independent media. “An old-style American progressive in the LaFollette-Wheeler tradition,” Piper has outpaced other progressives in calling attention to the depredations of the New World Order/Israeli lobby and its organized crime assets. Piper’s books include The New Babylon (an overview of the Rothschilds and the NWO), The Caiaphas Complex (a collection of essays focusing on the Zionist-driven post-9/11 agenda), The Confessions of an Anti-Semite (a deconstruction of Zionist propaganda techniques), and his latest offering Ye Shall Know the Truth: 101 Books American Nationalists Need to Read Before “They” Burn Them.

Second hour: Chris Rodda of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation will join us to discuss: Is the US military turning into a hornet’s nest of Armageddonite, Scofield-Bible-thumping Christian-Zionist storm troopers? Is that why Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Gen. Colin Powell, felt the need to speak out against the “Christianity of the Inquisition in the US Army” ?  And is that why the Air Force just had to “strip an unprecedented 17 officers of their authority to control – and, if necessary, launch – nuclear missiles after a string of unpublicized failings” ? This – on top of the dozens of “suicidings” following the theft of nuclear weapons from Minot Air Force Base by Armageddonites in 2007 – raises questions about whether the US government is competent to handle nuclear weapons.  Maybe it’s time to listen to MRFF and purge the “let’s blow up the world so Jesus will come back” psycho cultists from our military…or at least stop them from forcing their lunatic views on everyone else, and get them the hell away from those nuclear launch control panels!

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