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Now it’s payback time! Why Obama should bust Netanyahu for 9/11

by Kevin Barrett, for Press TV

All observers admit it: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did everything in his power to destroy President Barack Obama’s political career.

President Obama should return the favor.

He should destroy Netanyahu’s career in the biggest, most spectacular way possible – by busting Netanyahu for 9/11.

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Eleven Questions for Veterans Day


How did The Simpsons know 9/11 was coming?

1) Veterans Day, 11/11, commemorates the end of World War I on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. What’s with all those elevens?

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5 Thoughts to “Now it’s payback time! Why Obama should bust Netanyahu for 9/11”

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,

    I just read your excellent article ‘Now it’s payback time’
    There is only one important point missing: we all continue every day, working for this banksters and paying them for all that antiquated (even high-tech) material stuff (based on pre-industrial concepts) that destroys our planet. That’s their system to submit every human being with the Agenda 21

    “This squandering-spiral, already developing for 200 years, forms the powerbase on which the political, financial, economic, academic….world has been developed and organized since, with all the consequences: perpetual wars (WW I, WW II …..) and destruction, with the banking-crisis, the financial crisis, economic crisis, political crisis….as part of that destruction with always new crisis added: food- and water-crisis, health-crisis, nuclear crisis ……endless series of crisis to resolve.”

    I know this cannot yet be mentioned to a wider public, but I think we have to keep the analysis in mind and elaborate on ways to bring it to a larger audience

    Sorry for my poor English

    Yours sincerely,

    Luc Demeyer, architect

  2. Anonymous

    While you're at it, why don't you call Congress and tell them to have themselves arrested! — galen

  3. Anonymous

    you boys!

    if barack osama did anything about 9/11, he would die in a small plane crash.

    meanwhile, what recent conflict pitted the united states, britain and israel against france, germany, canada and argentina?

    i'll bet you don't have a clue.

  4. Anonymous

    Kevin Barrett says what Obama SHOULD do. It's a great idea to have people talking
    about, like secession. BUT—–

    If Obama did that he would be destroyed by Jewish money, Jewish media and the Mossad.
    He has lots of skeletons in his closet. Including the fact that he is still in the closet.
    Thinking people would ask: You just now became aware that Israel, not Muslims, did 9/11?
    Four years in office and this just occurred to you?

    Of course, who cares what thinking people think.

    Zan Overall

  5. Donald


    This is a link to 53 minutes of utter BS.
    You might be aware of a book titled "The Finish" "The Killing of Osama Bin Laden, authored by Mark Bowden.

    These two muppets (Adams and Bowden) are unbelievable… No discussion here connecting Netanyahu to 9/11

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