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Paleocons on parade! Rev. Ted Pike, Martin Hill diversify Truth Jihad Radio

Mon.  11/12/12, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Some people think I’m too left wing – I ran for Congress as the only Libertarian in favor of single-payer health insurance – while others think I’m too right wing. But I don’t see why we have to keep using a paradigm that was already getting stale 200 years ago!

Anyway, I had a bunch of “left” guests last week, so I’m making up for it today by featuring two of my favorite paleocons.

Rev. Ted Pike opposes Talmudic Judaism, thereby eliciting the Wrath of Foxman. (Me, I have always defended Judaism, but Abe hates me too, maybe because his real religion is Apartheid Israel, and 9/11 truth would end it.)

First hour: Rev. Ted Pike of spent much of October flaying the genocidal psycho nazi jew Pam “the sham” Geller, who wants Israel to nuke the capitals of Europe, just loves her little frankenstein monster Anders Breivik, and (as she yearns to destroy the planet in an apocalyptic hissy fit) boasts of support from the Israeli-front crime syndicate known as the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as a long list of neocon neanderthals and no-goodniks.

Rev. Pike will also offer his totally non-politically-correct analysis of “Why Obama Won.” I don’t agree with all his views – in fact, I have defended the religion of Judaism against Rev. Pike’s critique – but I do appreciate his courageous willingness to call it the way he sees it.

2nd hour: Martin Hill, who describes himself as a paleoconservative libertarian, cranks out first-rate journalism on a regular basis. His latest piece exposes little-known information on the “dancing Israelis” who were arrested on the morning of 9/11/2001 for wildly celebrating the success of the 9/11 attacks:  “Dancing Israelis” Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case

The back story: Those arrested for filming, dancing and celebrating were only a handful of the many dozens of Israelis arrested in NYC in connection with 9/11. Others were arrested with truckloads of explosives, trying to blow up New York’s bridges and tunnels. One of the explosive-laden vans featured a mural of a plane diving into the World Trade Center; police reported that the truck blew up.  Then-NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who is now in jail, sent the perps back to Israel.

2 Thoughts to “Paleocons on parade! Rev. Ted Pike, Martin Hill diversify Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin, haven't heard this show yet so no comment, and no need to post this publicly unless you want, IE you think it's relevant to this show. I just know this will interest you, but don't have an email for you.

    You might know of Veronica Clarke, young WW2 revisionist researcher- Spingola's had her on numerous times, and recently Kyle Hunt had her on:
    she comes on 20-some mins into that ^.

    Very end of that show she drops a bit of a bombshell WRT how the West can best take things back from the zio's. She says, convert to Islam en masse!

    So you'll see that sparked a bunch of comments at grizzcom, a couple from me, starting with comment #2 (Anon @ 7:26 AM).

    Veronica put up another audio today, a solo, responding specifically to those grizzcom comments, and spends the first half or so talking about the problem with Christianity & why Islam provides some answers. She claims no religious affiliation currently.

    I also replied where I pointed to a recent Mark Glenn comment, see
    Glenn's reply to comment #10- namely he agrees that Christianity can't pull us out of this NWO quicksand.

  2. Anonymous

    Enjoyed both hours, thanks all. And Kevin, Tehran times picked up your "Obama should bust Nutty for 911" article,

    Re the first segment with Ted Pike, and the brief discussion where you two disagreed over how benign, or not, the teachings of the Talmud are: I posted this to the Alan Hart show blog last month, and was disappointed when it went unanswered. Pasting here, hoping for some clarity,

    Hi Kevin, I've heard you a few times now minimize the "toxic Talmud" as just a bunch of rabbis arguing, some of them crazy. Here's a Rense page which purports to provide (eng. translated) "quotes" of the Talmud's more toxic "teachings",

    So, speaking as someone who's never read the Talmud, and I'll specify the "Babylonian Talmud" coz I understand there's at least one other major version, and I also note, since I understand the "original" is in Hebrew, we're reliant upon "translations", with all the possibility for "mistakes" and/or knowing deception that suggests…

    SO, the question is: in this text of "Rabbis (some crazy!) arguing with each other", does it take the form of "statement > response/agreement/objection/etc > rebuttal > rebuttal-to-rebuttal…" etc, you get the idea, ??

    IOW, are the socially-toxic statements we often see "quoted" as in the Rense page above, specifically & explicitly refuted elsewhere by other Rabbis, with then perhaps the original rebutting again, etc?

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