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“Zero percent BS” with Stephen Lendman & Gordon Duff sitting in for Eric Walberg

Fri.  11/9/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Since I’ve had a few complaints about Wednesday’s guest Gordon “40% BS” Duff (see the comments on Wednesday’s radio blog entry), I’ll appease the angry mob today by bringing on two of my favorite subdued, careful, fact-checking, palpably sincere author-journalists – Stephen Lendman and Eric Walberg.  [UPDATE: Eric Walberg couldn’t make it, so Gordon Duff joined us for the second hour to deny the “40% BS” story, reveal as much truth as he could about the Petraeus resignation without getting us all killed, and assert that the pro-Netanyahu forces, routed by Veterans Today-connected spooks, are behaving like rabid cornered rats…]

First hour: Stephen Lendman, like me, works in both the written article AND alternative radio formats. Unfortunately, his show was knocked off the internet airwaves by Hurricane Sandy, and hasn’t come back yet. So Steve will not only be guesting here today, he’ll also guest-host my No Lies Radio show on Tuesday. His recent articles include an exposé of that Israeli propaganda rag,  the New York Times as well as perceptive commentaries on the US “elections.”

Second hour: Update: Eric Walberg, author of Postmodern Imperialism, couldn’t make it today and will be rescheduled. Eric has new articles out on Iran vs the Empire: Fighting dollarization and Robert Wright “Nonzero: the logic of human destiny” “The evolution of God”.

8 Thoughts to ““Zero percent BS” with Stephen Lendman & Gordon Duff sitting in for Eric Walberg”

  1. Anonymous

    I've been in the Duff = full-O-shit camp for a couple years. He came outa nowhere, as did his slick & modern VT site, and he's just a little too F.O.S. in his claims, and how impossibly "well connected" he claims to be. A guy that "busy" couldn't have time to pen his tomes for VT.

    I watched this YT clip on Friday, however I just checked again, and YT says it's been removed due to copyright violation claim from Mike Harris! A YT search for a copy yielded nothing.

    Offhand, I don't buy GD's claims the recording was "spliced together", & fraudulent. Nor his claim that it was created & spread by Frederick Toben- German holohoax denier (& Australia resident- they just bankrupted him through their courts). I allow for the possibility GD's claims are true, just my first guess that it's part of his "40% BS" – he's just made too many far fetched claims in the past, crediting only his "seekrit contacts" as sources.

    Is there an archive of Harris' shows, where we could listen to the show in question for some further understanding? I've never heard any of his shows.

  2. Anonymous

    Here's a comm-free archive of the Mike Harris show with GDuff from Oct 12, '12:

    Advance to 1:10:40 to hear GD make the now infamous statement, which he denied on your (KB) show and claimed was a fraudulent splice-job.

    BS-artist extraordinaire Duff: BUSTED!

    Grizzom also posted an archive of this KB/TJR show, and the reader comments are unsympathetic,

  3. hey there anonymous! If u r on the zio camp keep on doing what u r doing. However , if u think u r in the anti-zio camp, just RELAX! We ain't your enemy. Spend your energy in the right track. If U have constructive criticism it can be done on a one to one basis. Obviously, we don't want any of us freely dispense BS. Please, keep all the checks and balances to build us up not to tear us down.
    Dr. E.

  4. Anonymous

    In this grizzom blog entry for Duff's 10/16 C2C appearance last month, facetiously titled, "Gordon Duffewicz – Alien Secrets & the Military":

    first comment reads:
    "Anonymous said…

    I know that ya'll have forgotten about how Tom Flocco crashed and burned, but this shit from Fluff is exactly the same kind of shit that Flocco was doing when he completely disappeared from the scene. He was putting out lies and just complete fake stories like Bush and Cheney indicted that people actually were stupid enough to spread without checking, destroying their credibility, and then he just went all out with complete fabrications like shoot-outs with secret agents in Chicago and Johnny Gosch is really Jeff Gannon/James Guckert, Bush's "alleged" male prostitute lover, which appears to have serious validity, except of course him being Johnny Gosch.

    Guys, at some point, it is apparent to me that Fluff has decided to pull a "Flocco" and crash and burn Veterans Today, and by extension, everyone associated with them.
    October 18, 2012 12:28 PM "

  5. You would think that you (Barrett) would have listened to Harris' show to check Duff's story.

    The video contained excerpts from Harris' show… but there was no audio trickery whatsoever.

    Duff said what he said.

    He said plainly that he purposely writes 40% false information and that 30% of everything on Veterans Today is "patently false".

    Go ahead and check it out. The show date is Oct 12/2012.

  6. Anonymous

    ^ One doesn't need to be in the "zio camp" to point out when a dubious "40% BS" character in your midst has verbalized the "40% BS" truth in a recorded/archived radio interview, then in a later interview (this TJR appearance) denies making that claim, says it's a fraudulent audio splice-job, and then points the finger at a respected holyhoax truth disseminator (Toben) as the culprit behind the allegedly fraudulent splice job, offering no corroborating evidence.

    One only needs to be an honest truth seeker, to protest such behavior as that.

    The person who created & uploaded the short YT clip of Duff's "40% BS" statement is one who reads the grizzom truth radio blog, and commented so,

    Frederick Toben aint shy (search his name- AU gov just bankrupted him through their courts prosecuting him for thought-crimes), has no reason to anonymously make such a clip of Duff's audio admission- and Duff didn't flesh out that claim at all in this TJR show.

    That Duff promotes 40% BS has been long self-evident to anyone following him and his routine "shocking revelations" for awhile. But how he handled this debacle, esp his "performance" (read: LIES) in this TJR show, is over the top unacceptable.

  7. Anonymous

    Kevin, I just now noticed your blog article defending GD, "Who's Afraid of Gordon Duff"

    I'd comment there but it requires "registration" and I'm not a joiner.

    The article makes a fine case for how we shouldn't believe everything from anyone, even "sourced" items like the 911 Whitewash Comm. Report, haha.

    We agree on that, in fact I said in my anon reply above, "That Duff promotes 40% BS has been long self-evident to anyone following him and his routine "shocking revelations" for awhile" – yet I still read a good deal of what GD puts out there, as some of it "rings true" anyways.

    A big problem with your Duff defense article linked above though is, you didn't address his handling of the matter on your 11/9/12 show- where he denies saying the 40% business, attributes is to a fraudulent audio splice job, and then astonishingly fingers holohoax truth disseminator Frederik Toben as the culprit behind the fraud, with GD providing no evidence for this claim! WTF?!

    Now PressTV is reporting "AIPAC, decapitators inside US government: Intelligence analyst" (referring to GD)

    Add ^ to Duff's other recent stories like US/China navies battling hostile UFOs in the Pacific, and we have to ask if GD is Sorcha Faal's heir apparent?

  8. Anonymous

    this is SO ILLUMINATING!

    there is code, mixed w well placed tentacles
    alongside honey traps.

    typical intelligence-
    an ART, as well as a SCIENCE..
    these juvenile amateures with their HYSTERIA over this are the DEAD WEIGHT we need to burn off!

    infowarts that they are.

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