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Questioning the Syria hype on Russia Today

In a recent Russia Today interview I questioned the official Western version of events in Syria. While I don’t doubt that the Syrian government and allied forces are committing atrocities, as would any sovereign government attempting to save itself from a rebellion armed and partly directed from abroad, the bottom line is that when the Syrian opposition chose to start a civil war and ally itself with the Zionist-US-Saudi-NATO criminals, it robbed itself of the moral legitimacy it might have otherwise enjoyed.

excerpted from :

‘Orchestrated PR event?’

The timing of the “massacre” reports is of no coincidence, believes Middle East expert and radio show host Kevin Barrett.

They come as the UN Security Council is scheduled to hold a ministerial meeting on the humanitarian impact of the conflict on August 30.

Right before this UN ministerial meeting coming on August 30 we have a big orchestrated PR event designed to smear the government in Damascus and prod the West into intervening in Syria,” Barrett told RT.

He reiterated that in his belief much of the killing in the Houla massacre had been perpetrated by the rebels, warning that the “the same thing might be true this time.”

“We really need to resist this intense psychological warfare campaign which is mainly based on lies and distortions that’s being waged by the Western countries.”

The expert claims that the real target of Western forces in the Syrian conflict is to destabilize the country and make it a “nonviable state” such as with Iraq.

They don’t want to stabilize Syria. They don’t want to bring peace to Syria. They want to break Syria up and make it a nonviable state,” he argued.

In Barrett’s opinion this is part of a wider US plan to bring the region and its energy resources under its control.

“It’s easier to be dealing with small states – that’s why they love all these Gulf sheikhdoms. Dealing with such small states is very-very easy. The US and the West have so much more leverage that way.”

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