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Don’t believe the Islamophobic hype!

Hello Kevin,

I’ve raised the issue of Muslim extremism with you before. An anxious friend sent me the attached link:

 and it does certainly seem to augur vast changes in Europe, and not for the better.  The West is in moral decline,  which lends ammunition to the extremist Muslim position. But Shariah law is in such deadly opposition to Western values it’s difficult to see anything but an extremely violent outcome, if developments continue as predicted here.  As usual, the majority are silent, while a very small, fanatical minority takes control. Cannot moderate Muslims rein these people in?  Or is this what our moral depravity logically leads to?


Dear P,

Regarding the “Belgistan” video you sent me:

I think you’re unconsciously buying into the Zionist media’s anti-Islam propaganda wave.

First, the demographic projections for Brussels are not those for the whole of Europe.  Muslims will not become a majority in Europe through demographics alone, at least in our lifetimes. Today, Muslims are 6% of Europe’s population, and are expected to rise to only 8% by 2030. Beyond that, predictions are meaningless – like trying to forecast next month’s weather. This genocidal hate video is basically inciting people to get rid of Muslims from Europe (which will lead to murders) and it’s doing so by lying about the demographics.

Second, as the “radical Muslim” in the video says, “shariah law” is not about amputations!  Shariah means “God’s law,” which humans never understand perfectly, yet are always trying their best to imperfectly understand and follow. Actual implementation of law in Islam is called “fiqh” not shariah. And it is always being disputed and revised. One person’s fiqh is not necessarily another’s.  There is tremendous pluralism in Islamic law – if you don’t want to follow one ruling, you just go and ask a different judge and get a different ruling!!  For instance, most Muslims believe you can’t have dogs in the house.  I choose to follow the Malaki law school, which has no problem with dogs in the house.  Our dog spends a lot of time curled up on our sofa next to us. I follow one ruling, most Muslims follow another. Al-hamdullilah for Islamic legal pluralism!

Yes, there are a very few insanely narrow-minded asshole “Muslims” who might resort to violence against me for having a different fiqh than they do.  But such “takfiri” lunatics are extremely rare, virtually nonexistant. The “radicals” in this video are not nearly that bad. They’re just young, overly-enthusiastic kids.

Islamic law is hardly enforceable at all.  It’s designed to work in the virtual absence of any enforcement mechanism. It appeals to people’s faith in God and righteousness and truth and justice. And non-Muslims are not obliged to obey most Islamic legal strictures (fiqh) even in Islamic states.

So the “radical” Muslim in the video, who is being slandered by the hatemongers who made the film, is on the right track in pointing out that in over a thousand years, only 60 hands were amputated.  The purpose of having the “image” of amputation for theft is to discourage theft.  And it works!  Human suffering would be vastly reduced if this version of fiqh were implemented. Imprisoning millions of people in rape-infested cages, as we do in the US, is infinitely worse than threatening amputation, and even carrying it out a few times, in order to virtually eliminate theft (and prisons).

Shariah law,as interpreted by the infinite versions of fiqh, is only in opposition to TOTALITARIAN Western values (and atheist-satanic Western values).  The West has a totalitarian law system, one size fits all, that is theoretically supposed to be completely and absolutely enforced, down to the last jaywalking ticket, by a huge bureaucracy that owns a monopoly of violence. Hence we have a society of violence run amok and cops run amok and prisons run amok.  The best thing that could happen to Europe would be conversion to Islam, and to the tolerance, pluralism, and spiritually-oriented, mostly unenforceable guidelines (replacing violence-enforced secular laws) that would follow. That’s what “shariah” means.  The “radical” brother in the video is right: Only a tiny minority of absurdly misguided Muslims reject the notion of shariah, “the broad and straight path” that tells us to pray five times a day, fast during Ramadan, and so on.

Europe is dying out because it has lost sight of the spiritual dimension of life – the real purpose of why we’re here. As the Traditionalist thinkers who founded the field of Religious Studies knew, only Islam is in a position to save Europe. An Islamic Europe would be a light unto humanity – though it would mean an end to the Rothschilds’ atheist-satanic usury-based NWO dynasty that rules the West today with an iron fist.

The Zionist media’s demonization of “shariah” is a genocidal hate crime. So is the “Belgistan” video you sent me. The perpetrators have an obvious agenda: Removing the biggest obstacle to their one-world NWO bankster dictatorship.

So, in my view, Europe is going to have to convert to Islam – not just wait for a nonexistent demographic wave.  I urge you to start looking into more accurate information about Islam and consider whether a religion based on your own personal relationship with God, with no bureaucracy or hierarchically-imposed orthodoxy, and a set of guidelines that actually WORK to bring inner peace as well as social peace, might be for you.


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  1. Anonymous

    You are a wonder, Mr. Barrett. 🙂 This is excellent, well-reasoned theology

    Am also posting this to my blog! – and to the indiv. who sent me the video.

    All the best,


  2. Anonymous

    Do you know why the west is in moral decline? I do. And funnily enough, many great men warned us about this process throughout history but what do we care. Too busy with our pointless theological debates.

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