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Zionists and anti-Zionists agree: Israel did 9/11! (Chamish vs. Bollyn “debate”)

Wed. 8/29/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.)

My recent VT article Finally: Barry Chamish Concedes Israel’s Involvement in 9/11 went viral. Now it’s time to bring on THE GREAT “DEBATE” !  Radical Zionist Barry Chamish, and hardcore anti-Zionist Christopher Bollyn agree that Zionists did 9/11. But they disagree about which Zionists did it, and whether it was essentially a “purely Zionist” operation.

First hour: “Barry Chamish is an author and world-class investigative journalist. He first gained worldwide notoriety with his coverage of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination and the conspiracy he helped to later uncover. His book, the bestselling Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? is an expose which demonstrates clearly that Mr. Amir did not shoot Rabin. His work on this case compares favorably to the research done on the Kennedy Assassination except that Barry did much of the work himself, while it took multiple researchers to prove there was a conspiracy and break down the official Warren Commission Report.”

Barry Chamish, a strong supporter of right-wing Zionism, is respected even by his ideological opponents as a talented investigative journalist with a passion for truth.

Second hour: Christopher Bollyn, another talented investigative journalist, is as anti-Zionist as Chamish is pro-Zionist. His book Solving 9/11 is widely regarded as the most comprehensive available statement of the case against Israel and its supporters as the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. Barry Chamish recently attempted a hostile review of Bollyn’s book, but was forced to admit that Bollyn was largely correct in arguing that Zionists did 9/11.

7 Thoughts to “Zionists and anti-Zionists agree: Israel did 9/11! (Chamish vs. Bollyn “debate”)”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    Two points:
    When you have a guest waiting to speak, get them online before time (to avoid the situation you found today, with Christopher Bolleyn unable to get through (obviously dirty trick worked from his end of the line; they cut off his line)) while they provided an obvious joker coming on the line, then another agant of the 'Establishment' somehow manageing to get you onto the Judy Wood controversy, and you falling for it, even after you had made contact with Bolleyn! As soon as the caller mentioned Wood, you should have said 'Sorry, I've got my main speaker on now; call again another time'.

    I don't know how you fell for it, especially as you've just had your site hacked!!.
    I found myself yelling 'Shut him off' (but not so politely!), which I don't normally do, I assure you.

    I'm writing this while listening to the program continueing, so I'll close here to concentrate.

  2. Anonymous

    Barry and Barrett. If we could only get Borat now.

  3. Christopher Bollyn wanted to phone in rather than be called by the network. But his call-in may have been sabotaged. He finally got through after trying for fifteen minutes, and I brought him up as soon as he got through.

  4. Anonymous

    Chamish is a certified loon. I've met him.
    Bollyn should mop the floor with him.

    Greg Felton

  5. Anonymous

    Did Kevin mention Dimitri Khalezov's book:

    The good link for Dimitri Khalezov’s internet book

  6. Anonymous

    Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World by Christopher Bollyn

    No more lies
    Anyone who has seen the `Loose Change' documentary, especially the 2nd edition, will know that 9-11 was an inside job. Indeed, the cover story has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. The major reason they have gotten away with it for so long is that they control the media. It is this book by the courageous Chris Bollyn, which tells us just who `they' are.
    It seems incredible that so many key Israeli assets worked their way into such key positions and took control of key operations to pull off this false flag attack which put the blame on Muslims to justify the Zionist's "War on Terror", which is really a war against Israel's perceived enemies and Islam itself.
    I say to Chris Bollyn, well done and don't give up as one day when enough of us know the truth there will be some sort of justice for all those innocents murdered on 9-11.

  7. Anonymous

    Chris made the real points to be discussed and challenged which Barry could not answer…

    Barry do you know that israel palns a nuclear 911 to send the nato-un to invade iran ?

    Abu Suleyman

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