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Nuclear crisis special with Helen Caldicott and others…

Wed. 8/8/12: Nuclear crisis special!

Note: We were unable to broadcast the Helen Caldicott interview live, so it will be broadcast next Tuesday, 11 to noon Central, on NoLiesRadio (archived here shortly after the show).

Legendary anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott

Today’s show: 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Post your questions to my Facebook page.

We’re in that no-man’s-land, smack in the middle of the dog days of August between Hiroshima Day and Nagasaki day, waiting for the next bomb to drop. During the first hour of the first show, Iranian journalist Kourosh Ziabari will correct some common misconceptions about Iran, which is being targeted in Israel’s attempt to drag the US into World War III. Iran is a signatory in good standing to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has no nuclear weapons or weapons program according to the CIA, and is leading the effort to ban ALL nuclear weapons from the Middle East. Israel, on the other hand, has used the Non-Proliferation Treaty for toilet paper, holds 400 nukes, and is targeting all the capitals of the Middle East and Europe with its nuclear weapons. Additionally, Israel has allegedly used nuclear weapons against the US at least three times: In the Beirut Marine barracks bombing of 1983, the nuclear-assisted demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11, and against Indonesia in the Bali hotel bombing of 2002. Don’t be surprised if they nuke Chicago and try to blame it on Iran.

2nd hour: Jerry Mazza, whose Hiroshima Day poem is published below.

by Jerry Mazza 
August 6th, I stand before
Monk Shinran Shonin, founder Jodo
Shinshu Sect of Buddhism, bronze
statue surviving atom blast,
Hiroshima—his gaze unfazed,
2.5 kilometers northwest
of the center of detonation,
symbol now of peace and hope
gifted by people of Hiroshima
to people New York Buddhist Church,
way back in 1955,
Riverside Drive, 104th
and 5th, not far away from Pupin Hall,
Columbia University,
Manhattan Project, Nevis cyclotron’s
design place, Oppenheimer living
Riverside and 88th,
this poet three blocks away for years,
the mad uranium stashed downtown,
by Army Corps of Engineers,
270 Broadway, Chambers Street,
now 19 hundred 46
radioactive products produced
by nuclear weapons atomic reactors
as per Oak Ridge Weapons Lab,
America, U.S.A.
What can I say oh Monk of Bronze,
your age of heart more lasting as you
sought the one way to salvation?
You’ve arrived but have the rest of us
born again as death or life?
I cross myself before your journey
in August sunlight, brighter that day
as thousands of suns blinded to fate
and resurrected three days later
as I in my mere seventh year
could hardly imagine cheers and jeers
of celebration and victory.

One Thought to “Nuclear crisis special with Helen Caldicott and others…”

  1. Anonymous

    How does the government of Iran stand on a series of litmus-test issues. All these issues appear to be strongly-related to the nefarious NWO eugenicist depopulation and control agenda:

    (1) Criminalization of cannabis for medicinal, recreational, and industrial purposes — essential cannabis bud oil is a panacea, and the most effective and harmless cure for cancer, and a beneficial recreational drug for most users, so why is it still illegal in most countries? Including Iran?
    (2) GMO food for corporate profit, government control, and population reduction through soft kill, and fertility reduction
    (3) Codex Alimentaris – increased restrictions on gardening and small farms, raw milk, food supplements, and decreased restrictions on pesticides and other chemical and radioactive contamination of food.
    (4) Agenda 21 – government inventory of all private resources, restriction of private property rights, deindustrialization through sustainable development and limiting personal carbon dioxide footprint.
    (5) Compulsary vaccination of infants, children, and adults
    (6) Fluoridation of municipal water, table salt, or milk
    (7) Mercury amalgam dental fillings
    (8) Exposure of children and adults to modulated electromagnetic energy from cellphone, wifi, and smart power meters

    What is the government of Iran's policy on UN-sponsored criminalization of psychoactive drug use and the international "war on drugs". What is the law regarding personal use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, opium, cocaine, and other potentially abused psychoactive substances.

    What about Iran's research and development of safe nuclear technology to generate electricity by aneutronic boron-hydrogen "focus fusion"?

    Almost-free energy for the masses of humanity is a big no-no. Is Iran guilty of being a nation "that imagines a vain thing"? Freedom from scarcity-based debt slavery? Empowering the people to resist the self-chosen NWO plutocratic and psychopathic elites?

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