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Is the Pentagon developing genocidal anti-Islam bio-weapons?

The Pentagon 

An apparent Pentagon video, leaked by the hacker group Anonymous, details US military plans to develop and deploy a biological weapon that would destroy people’s receptivity to religion in targeted Muslim populations.

The proposed bio-weapon would be distributed in flu vaccines in Muslim countries. It would alter human genomic expression to produce a sort of “chemical lobotomy,” destroying the part of the brain associated with religiosity and spirituality. 

(read my Press TV article)

16 Thoughts to “Is the Pentagon developing genocidal anti-Islam bio-weapons?”

  1. Good Grief Kevin, this post is silly, I can't believe your buying into these silly conspiracy theories – SEE MY LATEST BLOG POST TITLED " Chem Trails are Condensation trails, not… Conspiracies wreck havoc on the 9/11 Truth Movement.

    I'm also waiting to hear from you why you feel I'm wrong about the Syrian Revolution… Now that's a topic worth exploring – Peace Brother!

  2. While it's possible that this film is an elaborate hoax or a psy-op, Occam's Razor vouches for its authenticity.

    Given the likelihood that this film is authentic, what is your problem, specifically, with what I wrote? If you have evidence that the film is not authentic, please show it to us.

    I have asked a couple of insiders, who say they KNOW the biowar technology discussed in the film actually exists – they just don't know whether it has been fully developed and deployed.

  3. "Anonymous sources, can't argue with that"

  4. Every serious investigative journalist in history has mainly used anonymous sources.

    So you're right, you can't argue with that.

    Do you have any argument or evidence at all, or are you just blowing smoke?

  5. Anonymous

    Richard, you sound like a Muslim-holocaust denier.

  6. Excellent post Kevin this is the kind of weapon Israel is using at the moment in Iraq, Syria, and the Hijaz

  7. "It's you who's blowing smoke Kevin – I'm just asking what's in your pipe that your smoking?"

    Now that I realize you base your story here on anonymous, I'll just say you cannot take these allegations seriously… most people don't!

    It's interesting to hear you say "Every serious investigative journalist in history has mainly used anonymous sources. I say that's why today's trustworthiness towards news media including your alternative media,(i.e. Jack Blood, Alex Jones)are at an all time low.

    Now then, take a deep breath and relax-I want you to listen to one of Canada's TOP journalist on the topic of using anonymous for news stories…

    From on CBC – The Massey Lecture Series : "The Last Commandment: Thou Shall Not Beguile"

    The print newspaper is down, but not out. It remains a close friend to hundreds of millions of people around the world – every day. Yet it is threatened on two fronts: its ability to adapt profitably to 21st century technology, and its declining trust-worthiness: Only 30 percent of Canadians trust journalists – and it's not clear whether they are the readers who have quit or the readers who remain. In the 2011 Dalton Camp Lecture, veteran journalist Neil Reynolds says that to increase trust, there must be an end to anonymous sources.

    If your friend Jonathan Kay is trolling your Blog, he too might learn a thing or two from this lecture. I certainly did, and that's why I enjoy the success of my citizen media news. Last week my youtubes reached over 200,000 views world – wide.

    PS You really need to re-evaluate the situation behind Syria's revolution.

  8. Blah blah blah. Doug, I didn't ask you for a stream of irrelevant non-sequiturs. I asked for one single shred of evidence, or even an argument based on reason or common sense rather than evidence, that the video posted here is not an actual Pentagon video.

    If you judge the video fake, you must admit that it must have been made by professional disinformation specialists rather than amateurs. Hiring actors of such amazingly perfect talents, and setting up a scene to re-create a military powerpoint presentation this convincingly, would be a very professional and expensive operation. Who would have the motivation to throw away significant resources on this? I suppose you could argue that the Russians or Chinese might want to make the it look like the US is waging a genocidal war on Islam. But the US obviously already IS waging a genocidal war on Islam. There is no need for fake military videos to convince the vast majority of the world's Muslims that this is the case. Here is the poll data:

    So Doug, stop blowing smoke (i.e. blathering about anything except your reasons, based on logic and evidence, for believing that this video is an elaborate fake).

  9. Listen to the lecture Kevin, and we'll talk about it. The 911 truth movement has taken a beating over these outrageous conspiracy theories that rarely have any grain if truth. The integrity of the 911 truth movement relies on hard evidence, and the commitment to speak the truth by those such as yourself inside the movement .

  10. Listen to WHAT lecture? If you read my Press TV article, which is what this whole blog entry is about (!)you saw that I TRANSCRIBED the whole lecture from this video, if that's what you're talking about.

    And what do you mean "We'll talk about it." ?!
    What the bleep are we doing now?!?!?!

    I feel like I'm talking to some 9/11-denier moron who won't listen to what I say about WTC-7 because it's an "outrageous conspiracy theory" – yet won't offer a single fact or argument to support his position!!! JEEEEEZ Doug! Is this really you, or has an alien brain parasite sucked up everything that used to be inside your skull?

  11. Investigative journalism depends largely on anonymous sources. Whistleblowers, when their identity is revealed, tend to either be murdered or meet a fate worse then death (exile from their profession, permanently unemployable, extra-legal harassment, and so on). Almost every whistleblower I've had on my program, from Sibel Edmonds to Susan Lindauer to Mark Novitsky, tells other potential whistleblowers: DON'T DO IT! It ain't worth it. They'll ruin your life.

    Since nobody in their right mind would ever blow the whistle under their real name, guess what? The only way to expose the truth is through anonymous sources. Seymour Hersh, dean of mainstream investigative journalists, has used mostly anonymous sources throughout his career. Same with every serious investigative reporter on the planet.

    I do agree that it's always preferable, theoretically at least, to get people on the record. I try to get everything on the record if possible. But it isn't always possible. The hacker group anonymous, for example, illegally hacked into Pentagon websites to "steal" this video exposing US military genocide. If the hacker were caught, (s)he'd be in the next cell over from Bradley Manning, spending the rest of his/her life being tortured. Asking this hacker to come forward under their real name is clinically insane.

    And speaking of clinical insanity, endlessly resorting to vague generalities (down with conspiracy theories! end anonymous sources!) when you are being asked to defend your judgment by giving SPECIFIC reasons that the SPECIFIC US military genocide video posted here is fake…well, I think my point – that you don't have a shred of evidence or a single logical argument – has been conclusively demonstrated. I'm not going to keep arguing with a crazy man. Over and out.

  12. look at this : these are the tools we use in our lab to do specific research, these are for the research identification of expression at genomic and proteomic levels but the antibodies are fully developed it was easy to developp flu-vaccien targeting this gene and other related to this one

    the research is going on full power ahead on this topic!!!!!

  13. well Just make a quick research about the VMAT2 gene on the net the one targeted by the 'flu vaccine' developped by israelis and us biopharmas, I have also inside knowledge of the origin of the h1n1 in 2008, made by sanofi (pasteur merieux) in Lyon France and tested in Bangkok, Thailand then in all Asia in real life… and you'll know the full story Richard… I am molecular biomed with 10 years exp in the field and I can confirm that the ethnical bio weapons exist and that India, South Africa, Brazil, UK, Germany, Ukrainia, France, Russia the US, Israel and China, Japan have stock of these virus ready to use

    Abu Suleyman

  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous motto: ' never forgive, never forget '

    now where have i heard that before. lol

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