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Martin Luther King Day weekend: Meet Jerry Ray, brother of innocent patsy James Earl Ray

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First hour: Jerry Ray, author, A Memoir of Injustice. Jerry Ray is the younger brother of James Earl Ray, the innocent patsy set up to take the blame for the CIA-FBI-US Army murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Those who are not aware that a jury found James Earl Ray innocent, and the CIA, FBI, and US army guilty, of the murder of Dr. King, should read William Pepper’s An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King. William Pepper will be my guest this coming Monday – Martin Luther King Day – on Truth Jihad Radio. (Since that jury’s determination was the last legal finding in the case, it stands as fact, and must be reported as such. DO NOT LET THE MEDIA GET AWAY WITH OBSCURING THE FACT, PROVEN IN A COURT OF LAW, THAT RAY WAS INNOCENT, AND THE CIA, FBI AND US ARMY GUILTY OF KILLING MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.!)

Jerry Ray’s A Memoir of Injustice is a terrific read as well as an eye-opener, even for those of us who thought we knew the score about the execution of Martin Luther King by US government agencies. Before reading this book, I hadn’t fully realized just how badly the perps botched their attempted set-up of James Earl Ray. It turns out that they did such a terrible job that there was no real evidence against Ray whatsoever. (The prosecution’s only “witness” was proven dead drunk at the time, while an actual witness saw “Ray’s bag” being planted before the shooting; and the rifle in the bag was never matched to the bullets!) Ray, it turns out, was terrorized and brainwashed into pleading guilty by prison authorities’ torture and a complicit lawyer.

Jerry Ray, unlike the bastards who framed his brother, comes across as a basically decent human being, despite his occasional forays into crime (the honest descriptions of which make the book that much more credible). His story is gripping, tragic, and unforgettable.

Second hour: Dr. Jared Ball, Professor of Communication Studies at Morgan State University, is understandably outraged by Clint Eastwood’s film sanitizing the life of one of the most evil Americans who ever lived, J. Edgar Hoover. Besides being a key player in the murders of JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King, among many other crimes, Hoover was an all-around sicko, a pathological racist scumbag who makes Hitler, as described by his biggest detractor, Robert Waite, seem a paragon of decency and sanity by comparison. Calling Hoover a psychopath would be a libel on psychopaths. And yet morons like Eastwood continue to peddle Orwellian lies about our history, while Martin Luther King Day is celebrated without reference to the great man’s real killers.

If Americans knew their real history, they wouldn’t just occupy DC (as Dr. King was planning before his execution). They would lynch DC…starting with the scum at the top rung of the alphabet agencies, moving on to AIPAC, and…well, I think you get the picture.

2 Thoughts to “Martin Luther King Day weekend: Meet Jerry Ray, brother of innocent patsy James Earl Ray”

  1. Chris

    Just read the Ray book, fascinating indeed.

    Not only was the drunken "witness" not credible, even his wife consistently refuted him. Some time later she was being seen for a leg injury, and a psychiatrist suddenly appeared saying her ailment was mental in nature, whereupon she was whisked away to a nervous hospital (a nod to Sling Blade) for several years. Stranger than fiction.

    When James Earl Ray was approaching death, the State of Tennessee agreed to release him to Jerry Ray's care for his last days…IF he confessed to the crime…nice try

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