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2012 is here, moral pole shift underway

“The Earth’s magnetic field, our primary defense against harmful solar radiation, has begun to dwindle, with California-sized cracks opening up randomly. A pole shift, in which such protection falls nearly to zero as the North and South magnetic poles reverse position, may well be under way.”  – Lawrence E. Joseph, Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization’s End.

I’m not an end-of-the-worlder.  I’m not a gloom-and-doomer.

But after a week of US Marines urinating on corpses, Republican candidates cheering the murders of Iranian scientists, and US officials all but admitting that the real reason for hostilities with Iran is that Iran is one of the last countries on earth with a non-Rothschild central bank…in other words, that Americans are being frog-marched into World War III by Rothschild satanists in order to create a Jerusalem-based global bankster dictatorship…well, I’m starting to believe in this pole-shift thing.

Americans have obviously lost their moral compass. The poles of morality – good and evil – are switching places.

Americans are taking evil as their good.  And the good – for example, people in Afghanistan and Iran defending their country and their religion from satanic foreign invasion – appears to them as evil.

Here is a picture of a good man, a good citizen, and a good father. His name was Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan. His job involved building nuclear power plants so that his country will survive when its oil runs out – probably in no more than a decade or two.

He was blown to bits by a psychotic killer from a psychotic killer state. The psychotic killer state says Mostafa’s crime was working on a technology that might one day enable Mostafa’s country to build nuclear weapons – which the psychotic killer state already possesses in abundance.

You don’t need much of a moral compass to see who is good and innocent and honest, and who is evil and hypocritical and guilty, in this situation. Yet Americans allow their politicians to openly call for, and gloat over, the murder of good by evil.

As the moral pole shift continues to build in intensity, expect to see Republican presidential candidates knocking each other over as they scramble to be the first to kiss the sulphorous arse of Satan. Expect to see them demanding that the Nuremburg laws of war be re-written so that defending ones country from invasion is the supreme war crime, while aggression is a universal right. Expect to see them running ads vaunting their status as clients of child prostitution services, each claiming to best their fellow candidates in pederasty. Expect to see them calling press conferences at which they wallow naked in swimming pools full of raw sewage and bribe money. Expect to see them expressing their support for the US military’s legalization of bestiality by buggering donkeys in front of cheering platoons of flag-waving servicemen. Expect to see them not just calling for torture, but actually demonstrating their love of torture on live TV by gleefully extracting the fingernails of randomly selected victims. Expect them to demonstrate how “enemy combatants” should be extra-judicially executed, by kidnapping their rivals’ staffers and personally snuffing them in front of cheering, banner-waving throngs. Expect to see their support for indefinite military detention expand into support for death camps for Democrats, Independents, and Ron Paul voters. Expect to see them not only defending troops who urinate on fallen martyrs, but demanding that the troops be required to defecate on them as well – then wipe with the flag, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Expect to see them openly calling for World War III, and promising that, if elected, they will push the button faster and harder than their rivals.

America’s moral pole shift would beggar the imagination of St. John the Revelator.

2 Thoughts to “2012 is here, moral pole shift underway”

  1. Anonymous

    television, with enedless programs of thinly guised evil, the pitting of one group or individual against another, the fascination with occult themes, the endless prison/cops shows, and the blatant satanism in most mtv videos -even National Geo and PBS with more and more programs about war and death – the celebration of the wicked – it is no wonder we as culture are braindead when it comes to right vs. wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    justt today I saw someone walking along a rural road with horns on their white red cap, dressed in red from head to toe. WTH?
    I thought Halloween was over.
    There's a house just down the street from me that still has its yard filled with death figures and occult, I guess for them Halloween never ends, the most popular holiday I read somewhere, eclipsing Christmas spending?

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