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Tuesday 8/18: PhD Metallurgical Engineer Joel Hirschhorn on “Fair and Balanced”

Tuesday, August 18th, on “Fair and Balanced,” 9 a.m. Pacific (noon Eastern), Joel Hirschhorn, Ph.D. metallurgical engineer and former University of Wisconsin-Madison professor who came out for 9/11 truth in 2007 after studying the “collapses” of the three WTC skyscrapers and drawing the obvious conclusions. Dr. Hirschhorn recently published his views on the state of the 9/11 truth movement: “9/11 Mind Swell: Scientific evidence refutes the official story.”

Dr. Hirschhorn is the author of Delusional Democracy and other books.

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Later on Tuesday, 8/18, you’ll have a chance to hear a hardcore Muslim truth jihadi (that would be me) interviewed on a conservative Christian AM radio station! Details here.

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