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Christians, Atheists, and Cover My Book

My two-hour KOA interview with Rick Barber is a tough act to follow. I do have a couple of interesting interviews coming up though.

Next Tuesday, August 18th, 5 pm Central–primo drive time–I’ll be interviewed on KKMS Minneapolis, a 5000-watt Christian A.M. station. Get ready for some, er, interfaith dialogue!

Then on Wednesday, August 26th, I’ll be interviewed by Michael Rivero of, my favorite news-and-commentary site. Rivero is a pioneer blogosphere truth-teller with a wicked sense of humor. Should be fun.

Last but not least, my new book Questioning the War on Terror just got some excellent coverage at NAC, the Network of those Abused by Church.

4 Thoughts to “Christians, Atheists, and Cover My Book”

  1. In your KOA interview you claimed that the FBI built the 1993 WTC bomb. For years I have been telling people Emad Salem's story about worming into the al Qaeda cell and the fact that his FBI handlers refused his wish to denature the WTC bomb (6 people died). It's all written up in emmy-winning Peter Lance's "1000 Years for Revenge".

    I have never heard that the FBI built the bomb. I'd like to know the source for your claim. It appears that you are irresponsibly trying to discredit by misrepresentation one of my favorite stories.

    I also note an apparent non sequitur in your tape. You went off on a rampage about Larry Silverstein. What followed was a caller's question about NYCCAN. This suggests but does not prove that your magic editor, Mr. Rynearson, cut something from the tape.

    Kevin, your KOA tape as presented was articulate, coherant, and mostly right on. Your claim that there was no evidence of hijackers ignores the Dulles security tapes, not to mention the (maybe faked) DNA evidence. Slips like this discredit the good information you present.

    So OK, the lunatic passed a lucidity test, with the help of his editor. The worst ones often do.

    You are a bigot, a liar, and an advocate of violence, and you have no business holding yourself out as a representative of the 9/11 truth movement. For almost two years I have been trying to get you to debate me in writing about your destructive dumbassness, and you don't have the guts. Now you are hiding behind the skirts of a respected and accomplished truth activist, Carol Brouillet.

    I again challenge you to a wee chat at the sf911truth googlegroup. You don't have the guts.

  2. Nice job on the book cover, Kev. It sure beats your earlier cover depicting you engaging in autofellation while seated on a horse. "Look at the schmuck on that pony, will you!"

    Of course some might object to conflating one of 9/11 Truth's premier symbols, Lady Liberty, with death–but then you always fling your poo at truth at every chance, don't you? Your "Truth Jihad" meme juxtaposes truth with about the most reviled word in the English language.

    Dude, you are seriously twisted. My advice to you is to go to your room and write about 10,000 pages trying to get to the bottom of what the fuck is wrong with you.

  3. Her breasts are death. Where's that at?

  4. By morphing Lady Liberty into Kali with her necklace of skulls, you trash one of the central icons of the 9/11 Truth movement.

    Col. Sparks gave you the benefit of the doubt when she supposed you "just aren't a good communicator" and were "reaching beyond your grasp".

    Mr. PhD folklorist, I rather doubt you deserve that benefit.

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