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Saturday, August 15th: Sander Hicks, Jim Fetzer on Truth Jihad Radio

Saturday, August 15th, 5-7 pm Central (6-8 p.m. Eastern), on American Freedom Radio: (to be archived at

First hour: Sander Hicks, journalist, author, publisher, and organizer of this year’s 9/11 commemorative event in New York City:

Sander Hicks is one of my favorite people in the truth-and-justice movement, and I’m pleased that he’s organizing this year’s truth movement anniversary event: We Demand Transparency: The Conference for Peace, Truth, and a New Economics, Saturday 9/12 and Sunday 9/13 at St. Mark’s Church in Manhattan. I’ll be speaking there, along with a long list of friends and colleagues:

Second hour: Jim Fetzer, Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Jim Fetzer will discuss his waning (former?) support for Obama. Was Jim wrong to be such an enthusiastic Obama supporter during the campaign, and if so, will he be able to bring himself to admit it?

Jim’s recent interview of me drew good reviews…check it out yourself here.

Note that Jim and I remain good friends, despite our disagreement about certain controversial 9/11 research issues. (Maybe more people who disagree about controversial issues should try remaining friends! It’s actually more fun to have friends you don’t always agree with about everything.)

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