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What Five Places Should You Not Visit When Visiting Europe?

Quora 1) If you ever visit the catacombs of Paris, do NOT enter La caverne des rats mutants. They will strip the flesh off your bones, which will then be stacked alongside the others. (Where do you think all those bones came from?) 2) Another deadly French tourist trap is Les sables mouvants d’Olonne (the quicksands of Olonne). It looks like a normal beach, but as you spread out your beach towel, you notice you’ve sunk in up to your knees, then your hips, and then…well, it’s better not to think about it. 3) In London, there is a secret…


LIVE RADIO! Thaddeus Kozinski: “Foucault Told the Truth”; Linh Dinh on Globetrotting Through the Scamdemic

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at First hour: Prof. Thaddeus Kozinski says “Foucault Told the Truth.” Subhead: “About the Kingdom of Darkness.” The essay begins: “Michel Foucault was committed to the ‘truth’ that discourse is nothing but the surreptitiously coercive use of power, and the more hidden the power, the more effective the coercion. The power hiding behind claims to truth is so all-pervasive and effective that the very person who speaks and listens to discourse is itself its product and mouthpiece.” Kozinski argues that Foucault’s words apply in spades to the scamdemic era: “2020 was…