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Soren Korsgaard on “Evil Killer Genes” and “American Monster, Chris Kyle”

Listen HERE Danish author and criminologist Soren Korsgaard has edited the peer-reviewed criminology journal Radians and Inches: The Journal of Crime. and currently posts at Today he joins us to discuss his two most recent artices: The Notion of Evil Killer Genes Examined and American Monster: Chris Kyle, the American Sniper. Is there an “evil killer gene” responsible for most anti-social violent crime—that is, the small fraction of violent crime that is not sanctioned by our rich and powerful overlords? If so, what explains the fact that 99% of violent crime is perpetrated by men in uniform carrying out “legitimate” orders? Would society…


Soren Korsgaard: US “justice” system is CRIMINAL!

Listen HERE Soren Korsgaard, editor of the peer-reviewed criminology journal Radians and Inches: The Journal of Crime, discusses the crimes of the American criminal justice system, which systematically uses torture and slavery in pursuit of maximum profit for billionaires—who are far worse criminals than anyone who gets prosecuted, incarcerated, enslaved, and tortured. If there really were a “responsibility to protect” (R2P) the international community would need to bomb the USA back to the Stone Age, invade us, and liberate the millions (a great many of them innocent) enslaved and tortured in America’s privatized for-profit prisons—then arrest, prosecute, and sentence those responsible…