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Gideon Polya on new book Deadly Deception Exposed

Listen HERE Holocaust/genocide expert Gideon Polya discusses his review of The most dangerous book ever published: deadly deception exposed. Gideon, one of the seven authors who contributed essays to the book, emailed me: “I agree with the common theme of all the authors that the endlessly greedy, thieving, lying  and racist neoliberal Establishment will seek to exploit any situation, including the Covid-19 Pandemic for private advantage …”  But he doesn’t see eye to eye with the contributors who downplay or even deny the reality of COVID-19.


Gideon Polya on holocausts, genocides, and historical context of Christchurch massacre

Listen HERE Dr. Gideon Polya, a leading scholar of holocausts and genocides, is the author of Body Count: Global Avoidable Mortality since 1950. In this interview he describes how as a science professor he came to realize the importance of avoidable mortality—and discovered that mainstream institutions are censoring this critically important but embarrassing information. The majority of holocausts and genocides, such as the five-million-victim British-perpetrated Bengal famine of World War II…not to mention the 27-million-Muslim 9/11-wars holocaust…are almost completely unknown to Western populations and the the media that misinform them. Gideon Polya writes: Re your concerns  about censorship: (A) some years ago…


Gideon Polya on the Balfour Declaration, 100 years of genocide, and much more

Broadcast here October 30th 11 to noon Eastern. All my shows are available at my Patreon page – please subscribe and keep this program going! Gideon Polya Today’s guest Dr. Gideon Polya has published some 130 works in a five decade scientific career as a biochemist. He is also one of the world’s leading experts in comparative holocausts and genocides, with a special focus on the issue of avoidable mortality: The vast numbers of people killed indirectly by invasions, occupations, destruction of infrastructure, and similar actions, which is usually much higher than the number murdered directly by bombs, guns, and other forms of direct attack.…