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LIVE RADIO! Ron Unz and Soren Korsgaard: Two very different views of the COVID catastrophe

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Mainstream media, including internet oligarch owned social media, has worked overtime to suppress two very different categories of alternative views of COVID-19. The first category consists of those who downplay or in some cases even deny the pandemic. These folks make various sorts of claims including: The COVID death numbers are exaggerated; test results are meaningless; masks are useless or worse; there is no need for social distancing or lockdowns; vaccines will do more harm than good; the whole thing is a hoax designed to get rid of Trump and institute the Great Reset; and so on. A few argue there is no such thing as COVID-19, or even that there is no such thing as viruses. (So far nobody claims there is no such thing as Trump—but at least one retired philosophy professor says Joe Biden has been replaced by a double!)

The second category consists of those who argue that COVID-19 is a bioweapon, unleashed accidentally or deliberately. Many in this category, including recent Truth Jihad Radio guest Greg Felton, argue that COVID-19 probably escaped accidentally from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Others hypothesize a deliberate strike by China, designed to bring the West to its knees. Finally, a few, led by Ron Unz, publisher of Unz Review, have made what I consider the strongest argument: That COVID-19 was probably uncorked in China in October, 2019 by a US special ops team planted in the Military Olympics delegation visiting Wuhan. It was intended to damage the Chinese economy (and shortly thereafter to decapitate Iran’s leadership) but backfired spectacularly when China’s public health response proved vastly more effective than projected, while the West’s proved vastly less effective.

First hour: Soren Korsgaard discuses his new edited book Deadly Deception Exposed. Soren felt that last week’s guest Dr. Gideon Polya, a contributor to the book, was unrepresentative of the other contributors, in that Dr. Polya accepts the mainstream view of COVID-19 and supports masks, distancing, and lockdowns. Most of the other co-authors, notably German physician Dr. Reiner Fullmich, do not; they are in varying degrees representative of the first tendency described above.

Second hour: Ron Unz, author of the new “American Pravda: Covid-19 Its Impact and Origins After One Year As We Rapidly Approach a Million American Deaths” offers the best-supported hypothesis about where COVID-19 came from. Though the Establishment doesn’t like the people who downplay or deny the threat of COVID-19, they are still all over social media and get a fair bit of favorable attention in pro-Trump conservative MSM. That same Establishment absolutely loathes and completely blacks out those who, like Ron Unz, point the finger at the most likely culprits.

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