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Ramin Mazaheri on France’s Yellow Vests

Listen HERE Ramin Mazaheri discusses his book France’s Yellow Vests: Western Repression of the West’s Best Values. The two-part volume begins with a plausible revisionist history of French socialism, then moves on to a sympathetic examination of the Yellow Vest (gilets jaunes) workers movement that nearly erupted into French Revolution 2.0. Ramin Mazaheri was on-site covering the Yellow Vests for Press TV during the movement’s heydey, and his coverage, more than anyone else’s, underlined the historical significance of those extraordinary events. We’ll also discuss the CIA regime change operation in Iran that is falsely portrayed in Western media as a…


Eric Zuesse Says COVID Proves Socialism Beats Capitalism

Listen HERE Eric Zuesse returns to debate his article “Ideology and Coronavirus.” He writes: “There are two polar-opposite approaches for dealing with the challenge of coronavirus-19: libertarian proposals prioritize the economy above the public’s health, whereas socialist proposals prioritize the public’s health above the economy. Libertarian countries rely on developing ‘herd immunity’ to the disease, in preference to imposing social distancing and ‘lockdowns,’ which aim instead to reduce the spread of the infection. Unlike socialist measures, the ‘herd immunity’ approach doesn’t need any regulations, because it allows the disease to spread so that the people who survive it will become…


Andre Vltchek on this 100th anniversary of the October Revolution – and much more

All my shows are archived at my Patreon page – please subscribe and keep this program going! Help Andre Vltchek make his next film…and save what’s left of the formerly beautiful island of Borneo! Many of my guests see the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution as a negative – some would say a catastrophe. Globetrotting filmmaker-journalist Andre Vltchek, author of The Great October Socialist Revolution, begs to differ. He argues that the Russian Revolution was a triumph of the human spirit: “Perhaps no other single event in modern history brought so much hope for humanity, as the Russian ‘Great October Socialist Revolution.’ During…