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Mr. Rho and Homer Van Meter on Bitcoin & crypto, NWO & more

Listen HERE Mr. Rho hosts the Crypto Corner and Rho’s Corner shows Mondays and Tuesdays 4 to 5 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio. We’ll discuss Bitcoin’s surge and other challenges to the mainstream economic paradigm. Halfway though the hour, Wisconsin-based author, lumberjack, and scourge of human sacrifice cultists Homer Van Meter—who just finished my book Truth Jihad—will call in. He just wrote: “I wouldn’t mind talking about 9/11 and how it relates in the progression of the big lies right up to our current plague of Covid-19.  After all, it is patently obvious to the more observant of us that these…


Peter Simpson on (neo)liberalism, Mr. Rho and Homer Van Meter on Bitcoin & crypto, NWO & more

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Fridays on Revolution.Radio later archived HERE First hour: CUNY philosophy professor Peter Simpson, author of “Theocracy’s Challenge” and Political Illiberalism, continues last week’s conversation on “debt traps” and discusses the impending fall of the Western neoliberal empire. Is neoliberalism’s achilles heel its financial system, which rewards rent-extracting parasites (like Wall Street) and discourages investment in real infrastructure and goods and services? Is China eclipsing the West because its public banking system rewards real production? As Michael Hudson writes: “So the question is what kind of financial system are you going to have to back up a central…


Mr. Rho on Christchurch terror & censorship; Eric Walberg asks “Is the Bible a recipe for genocide?”

Broadcast live 8-10pm Eastern Friday March 22 on Revolution.Radio later archived HERE First hour: I unsuccessfully tried to connect with Gideon Polya, then discussed the Christchurch terror event and subsequent censorship push with Mr. Rho, who hosts at Revolution Radio Studio A 4 to 5 pm Eastern every Monday and Tuesday. Second hour: Eric Walberg discusses his new article “The Bible: Recipe for genocide or junk sculpture?” (Compare these interpretations of the Bible’s influence on Jewish culture and history with Laurent Guyénot’s in From Yahweh to Zion.)