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Sterling Harwood Goes to Mars to “Prove the Bible Is Mistaken”

Listen HERE Lawyer and philosophy professor Sterling Harwood, author of The Greatest Mystery of the Beatles, emailed me to ask: “Did the literal interpretation of Christianity just die on Mars?” He explained that one of NASA’s Mars rovers may have found traces of ancient microbial life. So how would that impact Christianity? Sterling: “Genesis, interpreted literally, implies life was created on earth, not independently (of God) on Mars.” Um, okay. Sterling also claims that the Bible supports flat earthism, and supplies the following scriptural citations and flat earthism references, drawn from his assignment for philosophy students: A COLLECTION OF 26 FLAT…


Mr. Rho on Christchurch terror & censorship; Eric Walberg asks “Is the Bible a recipe for genocide?”

Broadcast live 8-10pm Eastern Friday March 22 on Revolution.Radio First hour: I unsuccessfully tried to connect with Gideon Polya, then discussed the Christchurch terror event and subsequent censorship push with Mr. Rho, who hosts at Revolution Radio Studio A 4 to 5 pm Eastern every Monday and Tuesday. Second hour: Eric Walberg discusses his new article “The Bible: Recipe for genocide or junk sculpture?” (Compare these interpretations of the Bible’s influence on Jewish culture and history with Laurent Guyénot’s in From Yahweh to Zion.)